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Hello Tea Lover, Greetings from Darjeeling! If you have come here searching for a shop to buy Darjeeling Tea varieties that's ethical, fairly priced and holds up highest quality standards, then you have come to the right place. We would definitely take you on a journey into the world of actual and real Darjeeling, but only high quality tea. Thunderbolt Tea is one resource you can trust for authentic and best Darjeeling Tea varieties! Its been more than 17+ years now since we have been climbing up and down the hills of numerous Darjeeling Tea estates, every new flush, in pursuit of exclusive tea varieties. We personally taste numerous grades of individual tea samples and choose just a few, bringing you the best of what the hills has to offer.

Video visualizing one of the Tea Estates of Darjeeling

Owned by a Local, ships Darjeeling Tea straight from Darjeeling!

Yes, we are based in proper Darjeeling town and Thunderbolt Tea is definitely owned by a local. Yes, by buying tea from us, you are directly contributing back to the community where hundreds and thousands of tea workers do hard labor to produce the tea. Yes, tea directly from tea estates and gardens are shipped from Darjeeling town's Head Post Office. You can verify the post seal when you get our package. Not like others who only claim to be from Darjeeling when they are not. Try sending them a manual postcard :) So, if you have come here looking for best quality teas, look no further, you are on the right abode - The abode of highest quality Darjeeling Tea! We assure you finest and freshest tea! If your palate doesn't like one of our teas, we assure you 100% money back guarantee! You even don't have to return the parcel! What more assurance do you want? :)


Then you certainly would want to read this post about us, written by Benoy sometime ago - 6 Good Reasons to Buy Tea online from Thunderbolt Tea . In fact we insist you know about us prior to your purchase. This will certainly make you feel that you have not wasted your money on some dumb tea, exorbitantly high priced having a beautiful story. The story has to be authentic too :) The bucks you pay for your tea from us is justifiable from every corner. Quality wise, you will get the best and ethically you will be 'just' in giving us back our Darjeeling economy. Otherwise not a single penny returns back to Darjeeling, apart from the tea worker tea wages. Please do read the post mentioned above. Thanks!

Update 2016:

Darjeeling 2016 First Flush Tea varieties have already arrived and has been updated on our Darjeeling First Flush 2016 page. Relish the choicest Darjeeling Black Teas expertly chosen through years of experience and labor. Thanks for your patience and the wait. You will get the best for sure! Benoy has written a blog post on how this year's First Flush fared, rather ending with a sadder note - Please do read it here if you can spare some of your time. Gee, Thanks!!

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