Castleton Moonlight Tea Darjeeling

Castleton Moonlight is one rare Darjeeling Tea which is highly sought after by serious tea connoisseurs around the world. Its produced using special AV2 clonal tea leaves/ cultivar from a special section of the tea plantation meant only for the production of Moonlight. Moonlight itself is a rare product of Castleton Tea Garden and getting hands on it is difficult, but wait, to get hands on the cream among numerous other Moonlights produced during different intervals is like practically touching the stars. Castleton produces Moonlight during two seasons: Castleton Moonlight Tea during the First Flush and Castleton Moonlight Darjeeling during the Second Flush. Both teas greatly differ in characteristics due to change in season, but are top notch in quality. Another highly appreciated tea Castleton produces is Castleton Muscatel Darjeeling Tea. This too has a world of it’s own.

Castleton Moonlight

Mr. DB Gurung, proudly showcasing his 12 kg product with 2 chests of Castleton Moonlight Tea DJ 122.

Good news is, though the stars may be a bit too far, we always make it a point that our customers pay for top quality – Appreciate whats in hand and sip the best of the best. And the story of our 2015 Second Flush Castleton Moonlight Imperial, DJ 122, is as exceptional as its exclusive quality is.

This is a very limited edition exclusive and exotic tea from Castleton Tea Garden. This is Castleton’s prized possession this year along with the First Flush Moonlight Imperial we had purchased. Only 4 kgs of Moonlight Imperial was produced during the First Flush and now this 2015 Second Flush, only 12 kgs of Castleton Moonlight Imperial got produced. Super quality, extremely limited in quantity. The whole of the tea garden which has the ability to produce in terms of tons could only produce 12 kgs of this tea and its with us. There are many vendors selling the same, you just have to take a look at their photo of the tea leaves and compare with ours, you will know. We now only have 9 kgs of the same because 3 kgs were sold to a Taiwanese company.

And for you all the DJ 122 invoice of Castleton Moonlight Tea is with us. Cheers and grab your share! This cannot be reproduced.

Its One Life, Drink Quality Tea! And Castleton Moonlight Darjeeling is definitely you don’t wanna miss at any cost. Once gone, its impossible to refill our jars. Next year, this tea will be produced, but it will never be the same. It will have its own characteristics. Cheers!

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