Salute to All Darjeeling tea pickers on Women’s Day!

Decades after decades, Nepali women tea pickers in Darjeeling Tea gardens work hard in order to bring out the best. It is said that the most important phase in the life of a particular tea is “plucking” – if the women folk involved in picking tea are not careful enough then no matter how hard the tea maker in the factory tries to prepare tea, it would be a total failure. So kudos to the women tea pickers for their year’s of experience and talent in picking those tender Darjeeling Tea leaves. Without them Tea wouldn’t be Tea!

I am also happy that the tea worker wages have been revised, though not a satisfactory amount, I am still satisfied that an initiation has been established. I have hope that such negotiations to happen in the near future and ease the lives of the the fellow tea workers in Darjeeling Tea plantations.

So here’s to all the tea workers in the tea gardens and specially to all the women tea pickers – Happy Women’s Day! Cheers!

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– Benoy

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