Hand in hand with the Darjeeling Tea workers

Every tea season, Thunderbolt Tea visits Darjeeling Tea gardens in order to select and procure high quality Darjeeling Teas. This is possible because we are here, based in proper Darjeeling town and can counter every tea that is coming out of the Darjeeling Tea estates – simply meaning, we will know which teas are good. We have always believed in procuring what is best rather than showcasing the quantity bought. We buy a select few, but the best Darjeeling Teas manufactured during peak quality time.

And in doing so, we often reach the tea garden factories when the production is going on. Definitely we are engaged with the tea workers. The very first instance we get while we are approaching a particular tea garden is the initial process of plucking being done by the women Darjeeling Tea pickers. And, often inside the tea factories where we see mixed visuals of different stages of tea production. Chatting and giving them a bit of a hand in whatever they are doing is like talking to our roots and especially reminds me of how my family started life in a tea garden.

As we eagerly wait for the First Flush Darjeeling Tea season to start in full swing, do take advantage of the ongoing 50% discount offer online on all of our Darjeeling Teas. As soon as we start updating the new Darjeeling First Flush 2015 teas, the offer will end.

– Benoy


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