Not a Tea Leaf should go to waste says Castelton Tea worker

During the 2015 Darjeeling Second Flush season, I was in Castleton Tea Garden in order to purchase some Darjeeling Teas. When it was free time to explore the tea garden, I was busy with my camera taking shots of whatever I could get my hands on. While doing so, I noticed some of the tea workers were carrying tea leaves from the weighment area to the withering section. In doing so, one of them had stacked one bag full of tea leaves on top of another and was somewhat disbalanced – some tea leaves dropped on the floor as you see in the picture. Instantly there was a man, known to the folks as “Kaila daju”, gathering all the leaves with his bare hands, done with his sole consent and not due to the work he was entitled to. I asked him and he said,

This gives us bread at home and not respecting it would be like a curse; and most importantly my heart doesn’t allow somebody trampling on it

Thanks to Kaila Daju of Castleton Tea Garden

Yes, thanks to Kaila daju for his simple, yet utterly truthful thought(s). Every sip you take comes entwined with thousands of emotions and folklore. You are not simply drinking tea, but absorbing culture as a whole, because Darjeeling is one which started its lifeline with the start of the Darjeeling plantations.

I was able to capture both the incidents of dropping and gathering the tea leaves and guess it was fate that showed me these related contents in order to make me realize it’s value, to open my eyes even wider to perceive the actual thing. Now you do too! So sip with joy, sip with love! Hope you enjoyed this short narration. Cheers! Sip only the Best!

– Benoy

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