Tea samples we taste

Hell lotta tea samples we taste every season, every year in order to pick the best invoices. We usually have “one grade 10 varieties” and we have to choose one – meaning eg. if we have to choose one tea say for “Castleton Muscatel”, then we get to taste various invoices comprising of around 100 kgs each. Suppose there are 10 invoices of Castleton Muscatel and if we decide to buy 1 or 2 invoices then we have to choose Castleton Muscatel from 10 different invoices. Its a confusing job when these Darjeeling Teas are so similar and of the same grade, but we manage, call it years of experience or hardwork – the bottom line is we will be enriching your taste buds with the freshest and the highest quality teas. And not to forget, we source and ship from the origin. Enjoy your cuppa everyday!

Not to forget that our “Buy 2 Get 1 Free Offer” is coming to an end soon. So If you haven’t moved those fingers towards us, now is the time to signal us! Valid till October 9, 2014. Have a great day!

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