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PUTTABONG MOONDROPS (EX - 14) - Second Flush 2013 Darjeeling Tea

Puttabong Organic Moondrops - Darjeeling Tea 2013 Second Flush



This is another special and limited edition Second Flush organic Darjeeling Tea which was already limited when Mr. Rajesh, manager of Puttabong, sampled us. During the First Flush we received some tea samples of this tea and we chose one and it was very well appreciated by tea connoisseurs. We asked if Puttabong Moondrops would be made this Second Flush and had pre-ordered for samples even before they had started processing. We received a couple of Moondrop samples and the best that suited our palate among other variations of Moondrops was invoice no. "EX-14". Made from pure AV-2 bushes, this handmade tea is another marvel that Darjeeling has witnessed this 2013 Second Flush season. Very limited in quantity. Highly recommended you try.

Puttabong Moondrops Dry Leaves:

The furry white and golden bloom signifies the utter importance given and care taken in the manufacture of this tea. The overall appearance is brown/white with more of silver tips resembling elongated shaped snow buds. The leaf size is huge and the largest among the teas we have procured this 2013 Second flush season. The leaves are elongated and well twisted. Almost all of the tea leaves appear to have a sheen due to the existence of minute silver hairs on them. There is a huge abundance of silver tips. Don't forget to smell the tea leaves as soon as you open the pouch (give it a little shake after opening, just to wake them up). A high degree of floral and fruity aroma can be noticed instantly. On further judging, it has sweet vanilla like essence with a slight twist of lemon. It is slightly nutty in character as well.

Puttabong Moondrops Infusion or Wet Leaves:

The magic is observed when these chunky-longish dry leaves unfold in hot water. It has a lovely bright appearance which is overall brownish in nature. It has a fresh bouquet, thoroughly pronounced, giving an assessment of detailed and careful manufacture in order to obtain the desired quality and flavor. The white tips turn into light-greener version when immersed in hot water and imparts a marvelous look. It emits slight sweet notes accompanied by very mild flowery and fruity aroma.

Puttabong Moondrops - infusion

Puttabong Moondrops Cup or Liqour:

The strength of the cup is lighter in comparison to the other Second Flush teas we have purchased this year. The liqor is shimmering with light-orange color resulting in a lively fresh taste. The brisk character is clean in nature with exceptional flavor. It has a smooth cup and has a well balanced body which tends to be sweet. It has a definite point with underlying complexity of various fruits and flowers. It also has mild hints of almonds and petains to be nutty as well. It leaves behind a lingering sweet aftertaste. Very mild astringency can be felt.

Puttabong Moondrops Second Flush 2013 Darjeeling Tea - cup

One of the best offerings from one of the largest tea gardens in Darjeeling - Puttabong Tea Estate. If you have tried our First Flush Puttabong Moondrops, then you know the quality. Second Flush is totally different in its characteristics, but we assure you that you will not be disappointed. A must try for a tea connoisseur. LIMITED

100 grams Puttabong Organic Moondrops tea Darjeeling Second Flush 2012- ALL SOLD!
300 grams Puttabong Organic Moondrops tea Darjeeling Second Flush 2013- ALL SOLD!
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