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Autumn Flush Darjeeling Tea

Hello Tea Lover! Hello Tea Lover! Darjeeling faced some severe political conditions owing to the demand of Gorkhaland by the local Gorkhas living in Darjeeling. Darjeeling was shutdown for 3 months where there was no production of tea as the tea laborers joined in this agitation wanting Gorkhaland. Second Flush could not be produced as there were no tea pickers to pick tea and people working in the tea factory had also supported the cause. The demand is of a state within the framework of India.

Autumnal flush was affected too as the shutdown inhibited care of the tea bushes. If not taken care the weeds around the tea bushes grow at a rapid pace and so does the tea bush. We couldnít procure any Second Flush teas as the shutdown happened before the peak quality time. There were some pre-Second Flush teas produced but the quality didnít give a green signal. It was somewhat inbetween First and Second Flush. Pure Second Flush character wasnít present in the teas. So we skipped it.

But we got hold of this Autumnal from Arya Tea Estate. Arya Tea Estate is among the highest elevation tea gardens and nearest to Darjeeling. Though this was also severely affected, some high elevation sections were affected a bit less due to cold atmosphere and the weeds grown were less. They could be cleared and some tea pickings could be done. Here is one we could procure which is below.

Arya Tea Autumn Flush



[Autumn Flush Darjeeling Tea 2017]
[CERTIFIED ORGANIC] Organic Darjeeling Tea

An affordable classic graded Autumnal clonal Darjeeling tea from Arya Tea Estate. With the effect of having some green leaves, it lends some characteristics which is somewhat First Flush like, but definitely Autumn as it is. In Autumn, though the tea processing is complex and depends highly on how a tea maker makes his tea with a targeted output in mind, green leaves during the Autumn flush reasons to increase the flavor of tea.

Arya Autumn Flush Darjeeling TeaArya FTGFOP1 Clonal More info...

Autumnal or Autumn Flush Darjeeling Teas are affordable and can find a place in your everyday drink. Autumnals have a unique taste of their own quite different from First and Second Flush and there are a whole lot of tea connoisseurs who are a fan of it. We have carefully chosen for the best affordable organic tea having great taste and value. Try for yourselves!
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