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Arya Darjeeling Tea



Spread over an area of 125 hectares, Arya Tea Estate is located in the vicinity of Darjeeling town. It is one of the highest altitude tea gardens like Risheehat. Apart from its range of jewel teas namely Diamond, Ruby, Emerald etc., Arya also produces excellent traditional or classic Arya Darjeeling Tea such as this china grade tea. Mr. Roy the manager of Arya was kind enough to sample us the classic grades as well along with its other jewels. We liked this DJ 11 invoice and bought it. Like the crown jewel teas, this chinary tea renders all the authentic qualities of a good First Flush traditional Darjeeling tea. Hope you all like it!

Arya Darjeeling Tea Dry leaves:

Like all vintage or classic graded First Flush Darjeeling teas, this Arya Darjeeling Tea Premium has an overall greenish appearance with a perfect blend of light and dark green leaves, some browns and black colors. It is well rolled and twisted. The size of the tea leaves are smaller pertaining to its originating china tea bushes. Arya always does special care on quality rather than quantity. This tea is manufactured keeping in mind all essential qualities that needs a retention in this case, the leaf appearance. On closer inspection, the tea leaves are covered in fine silver hairs. It has abundance of silver tips clothed in fine silver and shiny hairs.

The leaves are highly aromatic that smells sweet and fresh. It has a light caramel like aroma accompanied by some mild spicy characteristics. It has a unique floral and fruity aroma which seems a complex mix of ripe fruits and fresh flowers.

Wet Tea leaves of this Darjeeling Arya Tea:

This Arya SFTGFOP1 China has a beautiful green infusion with a combination of light and brown colored tea leaves. The infusion is bright and lively. It invigorates the mind with freshness and fervor. The lively bright infusion predicts bright liquor depicting good quality tea. It has a thoroughly pronounced bouquet of fresh spring flowers. It has a sense of that nose which resemble a mixture of Indian spices ready to be mixed in a curry preparation. Specially used in South Indian cuisines. And at the same time, sweet and malty like the pastry.


Arya Tea Darjeeling cup or liqor:

As the bright and lively infusion foretold the story of the cup beforehand, it has a beautiful bright and light golden cup, highly aromatic and a tasty treat for the taste buds. It has a little darker cup meaning having more body than other classic Darjeelings belonging to the china grade. It has some desirable astringency which spreads from a particular point on the tongue. The briskness bursts in the mouth with a sweet taste. It has marvelous fruity and floral flavor accompanied by some spice like characteristics. It is also nutty like the almonds to some extent. Some buttery effects can be felt that governs smoothness. Recommended steeping time is 3 minutes Longer steeping time can cause an increase in bitterness and astringency. It has a sweet floral aftertaste.

An overall first grade organic First Flush classic Darjeeling tea procured during peak First Flush production time. A reasonably priced good quality Darjeeling Tea, recommended for all tea connoisseurs!

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