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Arya Diamond Tea Darjeeling



Arya Diamond Tea Darjeeling, a "jewel" among the jewels Arya produces each season each year. It is produced from pure AV2 cultivar or tea bush. It is plucked from its highest section. Here, the tea leaves grow at a very controlled environment. This leads to slow and "juicy" growth. First round plucking of every season is dedicated in making Diamond. And slowly with the second round of AV2 plucking, Ruby is made. Diamond is Arya's most prized production and highly sought after. Since, Arya has a limited number of AV2 clonal tea bushes, which is the case with most of the Darjeeling Tea estates, Arya Diamond tea is made in very limited quantities. And mostly on demand only. For us we buy 50-100 kgs each season plus additional bulk orders for our wholesale clients.

This year production of Arya Diamond was a bit delayed due to weather conditions. Firstly there wasn't any rain and when the rains did pour, the temperature dropped to winter like conditions. During the first week of April the tea leaves started to grow and the production of this tea started.

Arya Diamond Tea Dry Leaves:

The dry tea leaves share such an attractive appearance with a brownish/chocolaty tinge with a mix of lighter and darker shades of browns as is reminiscent in a Arya Diamond, which ever flush. The tea leaves are very longish this 2017 First Flush, well rolled and twisted. There is tremendous amount of silver and golden buds or tips and the process seems to have been handled with utmost care to retain the structure.

All tea leaves are clad in downy silver and golden hairs giving it a very attractive bloom. The overall fragrance gave us a burst of ripe oranges when we opened the pack with a complex mixture of floral and nutty characteristics. Slight hint of chocolate-like, also caramellic can be found in the essence of the dry tea leaves. The light greenish appearance imparted this time made us add "Spring" in front of the Diamond (which was of course in consultation with the Arya Tea Estate and its manager) - Its because most of the Darjeeling First Flush or Spring teas are greenish in color.

Arya Spring Diamond Infusion or Wet Leaves:

This First Flush Darjeeling Spring Diamond contains full two leaves and a bud which is visible and becomes more prominent in the form of infused tea leaves which then regains its original form. Its an overall brownish infusion with hits of lighter and darker shades. The prominent browns are mostly infused silver and golden tips/buds. It has a very sweet and minty note with slight mixed up tones of flowery, fruity and nutty characteristics. A very bright infusion, depicting a marvelous liqor to come in the cup.


Arya Diamond Tea Darjeeling Cup or liqor:

Arya Spring Diamond produces a little darker cup than the classic clonals. The cup is a marvel as it is quite unique having some light astringency along the sides of the tongue, yet fills the mouth with light buttery notes. It has caramellic notes, minty and sweet simultaeneously. It is fruity like the orange and slightly lemony - citrus. After you have tasted the tea, don't have anything. After sometime you will get a hint of sweetness accompanied by minty flavors arising in the mouth. This remains as a prolonged aftertaste.

This is one tea which we think comes in the top 10 category of Darjeeling Teas produced this 2017 Darjeeling First Flush season! Just don't miss it and experience the divine. Once this tea is gone, it will be gone forever. We also don't know if Arya can produce the exact tea during next year's First Flush because no tea can be replicated exactly, slight characteristics will differ. One of our favorite teas this First Flush season.

50 grams order- Sorry, ALL SOLD!
100 grams order- Sorry, ALL SOLD!
300 grams order- Sorry, ALL SOLD!
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