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Arya Pearl White Tea Darjeeling



This is the first Darjeeling Tea, Arya Tea Estate started producing this year apart from its other "tea jewels". Like always, 2018 Arya Pearl Darjeeling white tea is exceptional quality. The one and only "crème de la crème" grade premium quality Darjeeling White Tea (when in comparison to other white teas from Darjeeling). We welcome you to try other tea garden white teas from Darjeeling and compare with Arya Pearl white tea - you will surely know the difference.

There are believers that tea makes you appreciate nature, music and poetry more. I suppose this tea is capable of doing that - Try it and see if it levitates you and find yourself sitting, penning down some creatives on that blank page.

A Darjeeling white tea made from tender and pure clonal tea leaves during peak Darjeeling First Flush 2018 time. It is a 100% hand crafted tea and in the purest natural form. It involves no machinery work. Arya Pearl Darjeeling is impossible if there is no sun because it is sun dried, but before sun drying it is put below normal ceiling fans for a certain time. In short, this is the most natural form of tea we have ever come across having richer antioxidant content.

Quality is top notch and as the tender leaves impart an attractive appearance with a very sweet nectar like liquor. From the first time we laid our hands on this exclusive Darjeeling White tea, we have referred to as the "Nectar of the Gods". Even the Gods are envious when they see you sipping their share :)! Made in very limited quantity, Arya Pearl White Tea is the one which you shouldn't miss even if you don't like whites that much.

Arya Pearl Darjeeling White Tea (Dry Leaves)

This Darjeeling 2018 white tea from Arya Tea Esate seems almost as if it is in its natural state. As if it was just plucked from where it was growing on one of the tea bushes. Most of the "two leaves and a bud" are intact. The Arya Pearl white buds has an amazing luster which gets derived from its glistening tiny silver hairs. It has an overall very greenish appearance which is accompanied by elongated silver (white) tips which tapers at the end. The chunky silver tips further ornaments the style of the leaves giving it a very attractive bloom. The tea leaves are voluminous which takes up a larger space and very light in weight. It has a very fresh sweet nose which also tends towards becoming flowery. It also has very slight hints of bread like fragrance which can be observed and sensed with a deeper and prolonged inhale.

Arya Pearl Darjeeling (Infusion or Wet Leaves)

The infusion is a marvel to watch at. It seems as if you have picked up some grass and done the brewing – its so green. The overall appearance of the infused tea leaves turn out to be green. It has a very low percentage of hints of pale yellow mixed beautifully. The tea leaves which previously in the dry state seemed glued to its counterparts, magically opens up and reveals the glory. The infusion is bright and has a lively fresh bouquet. It has a thoroughly pronounced veggie aroma accompanied by slight bread like and also floral in nature.

Arya Pearl White Tea (Cup or Liqour)

It has an almost colorless cup that is bright and aromatic. It is translucent which is compared with the sign of purity that is white and reflects the purity of the jewel pearl. Thus, this organic Darjeeling white tea is christened as "Arya Pearl". This light bodied tea tastes sweet and tender. It feels like its rejuvenating your whole body through and through, slowly relaxing your body into calm and peaceful feeling. It has an underlying complex undertone aromas of different flowers. The weak veggie aroma is prominent from the dry tea leaves to the cup. It has a sweet aftertaste with very slight astringency. First Flush teas tend to turn bitter if steeped for long, but this one is one tea which shows no signs of bitterness.

Brewing Instructions for this Arya Pearl White tea: In fact to get the best of this white tea, try using more of the tea leaves and steep it for atleast 4 - 6 minutes at about 85 C. Its because the tea leaves are voluminous and lighter in weight than other teas. We even steeped upto half an hour and it was quite enjoyable. Also try it by letting it cool down to the minimum. You will be surprised to get the sweetness in the cup enhanced and its flavors more bursting.

One Darjeeling white tea from 2018 you shouldn't miss! Very limited and ethereal – We called it the “Nectar of the Gods” and still do. Don't like white teas or haven't tried yet, this will change your perspective!

50 grams order- USD 29.95 Now USD 26.96
100 grams order- USD 58.95 Now USD 53.05
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