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Castleton Moonlight Tea



A extremely limited edition high quality 2017 Darjeeling Tea from Castleton Tea Garden. This particular batch of Castleton Moonlight Tea was limited to 10 kgs. It is not a mix of several clonals, but made from only one clonal variety, AV2. It clamors of the highest quality Castleton could produce this First Flush. We wanted this tea and did a good bidding among some Taiwanese and Japanese companies. We are glad that this is in our hands now. Now its upto you to grab it early, as we only have 10 kgs at hand. Castleton Moonlight is one tea known for its unique character and it doesn't match with any other Darjeeling Tea. This Darjeeling Castleton Moonlight oolong which most refer is actually a cross between the white and oolong as the tea maker says. With time and demand, they have learnt to refine their skills in order to bring out the best.

Special batch of Castleton Moonlight Tea such as this is tagged with the word "Imperial" because of it's extremely limited edition batch and high quality. This is among the rarest of the rare teas which comes out in only 10 kg lot when the actually production of the tea garden runs in tons. Just imagine how rare it is. Not just the quantity applies to it's rareness, but also its extreme high quality made from the finest section and the finest 100% AV2 tea leaves. This tea cannot be compared to others. Though unmatched in quality, we sell it at a very fair price. Please bear in mind that to get such a rare tea combines both perseverance and a price.

Two or various teas can bear the same name, but there is a difference in quality. There are various versions of this tea. Some are made with mixed clonal cultivars, some standalone. Tasting it, assessing it and finally buying it at the right price is the hard part. Don't worry, that's our job! So, this Moonlight is the chosen cream among other Castleton Moonlight versions. We know that you will find various versions of Castleton Moonlight tea, we welcome to try theirs if you have some extra bucks to spare, and definitely compare with ours. You yourself will know the difference. We wouldn't have to explain more :) Otherwise head on and buy this tea! We promise you that you won't regret!

Castleton Moonlight Tea Dry Leaves:

The dry tea leaves of this Castleton Moonlight Darjeeling variety has an attractive bloom. It is larger than normal size and stylish in appearance. The leaves are elongated, exceptionally rolled and twisted. It has an overall greenish appearance which forms an inherit First Flush character. Apart from the overall greenish appearance, it has a flawless natural blend of complex set of colors. Mainly characterized by different shades of greens and whites which are the buds. It has a beautiful luster with most of the tea leaves having a furry attire, originating from marvelous tiny and shiny white hairs. The presence of silver hairs on tea leaves depict careful manufacture and proof of high quality tea. It has high content of silver tips or buds, kept intact, and got from early 2017 First Flush pluckings from lush green special clonal 100% AV2 clonal tea leaves.

It's got a marvelous spicy element alongside other aromatic properties. It has a fresh and sweet smell, honey toned, with mild white chocolate like fragrance. Slightly caramellic which runs parallel with a nutty nose like that of roasted almonds and also resembles like a freshly baked vanilla cake. It also comes with a marvelously crafted multiple layers of floral nose and fruity aroma.

Castleton Moonlight Tea Darjeeling Infusion:

It has an authentic and even infusion with an overall appearance of different shades of green mixed with slight yellow and very light brown tinge here and there. The infusion is bright and lively, comprising of whole leaf and a bud. Very tempting to taste the cup from the very first look. A good infusion foretells the quality of the cup and in this case, the cup outta be real good. The temptation builds up even more with its sweet and lovely floral nose which seems decked up with a complex set of different varieties of floral essence. Slight veggie notes are found as well accompanied by mild fruity and nutty character.

Darjeeling Castleton Moonlight
This photo further proves: This tea we are selling is 100% authentic.

Castleton Moonlight Tea Cup or Liqour:

This Castleton Moonlight Tea First Flush 2017 has a marvelous light and bright golden-yellow brew which denotes good and careful manufacture. Hence, a sign of high grade quality tea. It has a rich mellow liqor with an excellent brisk character. The cup appears smooth as you sip on and as you are rolling your tongue. It's got a very mild and enjoyable astringency. The lively taste in the liqor comes packed with various levels of complex fruity and floral character. There is this overwhelming sweetness which fills your mouth and spreads in all directions. It also tastes somewhat nutty like roasted cashew nuts. The overwhelming sweetness which spreads as soon as you sip in, retains even after you have gulped in. It also forms the aftertaste which lingers for quite sometime.

A beautiful golden-yellow brew that is light and bright in character. The body is light, but with the sip you take in, a complex set of flowery flavors bursts in the mouth. The cup has a welcoming smooth and mellow character. It has light and desirable astringency that affects upper part of your buccal cavity and slowly spreads to the middle of the tongue. It's got sweet and honey toned in flavor. It has a beautiful light floral flavor along with some nutty characteristics. It has an interesting and lingering sweetness on the tip of your tongue.

One super fine quality 2017 First Flush tea from Castleton, rare and extremely limited edition. If you have this tea in your cup, feel among the most fortunate lot of the tea connoisseur's world. Simply because the whole garden could only produce 10 kgs of this special Castleton Moonlight Darjeeling Tea also re-christened now as "Castleton Moonlight (Imperial)". Let your taste buds tingle in divine outbursts of the world's finest flavors!

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