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Castleton Tea Estate Darjeeling



Castleton Tea Estate Darjeeling is one of the premier tea gardens in Darjeeling who produces top quality Darjeeling Tea year round. We normally buy their best grade, Moonlight, but this 2017 First Flush, their classic version tea delighted us beyond expectation. It was their "Tippy Clonal Classic" version, much talked about tea in the past. Lately, Castleton Tea Estate had literally stopped making "Clonal Classics" because of their high demand for Moonlight. Castleton Clonal Classic was one of our favorites in the past 6 years ago when Castleton literally stopped making the quality we loved. They concentrated more on the famed Moonlight.

Last year we could get hands on some exclusive variety and this year too we were lucky. This year we had requested them to make for us and they did. Thanks to Mr Gazmer and Mr DB Gurung for their hardwork. Its an awesome tea which we had missed for so long. In 2010 we had been a fan of this tea and since then Castleton started producing more of Moonlights than this version. Though they have continued with the Autumn Flush. Only during the First Flush, it was missing. And to be frank, the First Flush version is the best. We invite you to try this exquisite variety tea and judge for yourselves. A true classic 2018 Castleton First Flush tea. This 2018 First Flush, we are glad that we can once again drink it and bring back the old memories.

Castleton Tea Clonal Classic Dry Leaves:

This Castleton Tea Estate Darjeeling clonal variety has an attractive bloom, larger than normal size and stylish in appearance. Longish/elongated, well rolled and twisted. It has an overall greenish appearance which forms an inherit First Flush character. Apart from the overall greenish appearance, it has a flawless natural blend of complex set of colors different shades of greens, browns, grays and whites. It has a beautiful luster with most of the tea leaves having a furry coat originating from marvelous tiny and shiny white hairs. The presence of silver hairs on tea leaves depict careful manufacture and a first instance of high quality tea. It has high content of silver tips or buds, kept intact, and got from early First Flush pluckings from lush green special AV2 clonal tea leaves.

Has a lovely spicy character added with its other aromatic properties. It has a fresh and sweet smell, honey toned, with mild saltiness. Slightly caramellic which runs parallel with a nutty nose like that of roasted almonds. It also comes with a marvelously crafted floral nose and fruity aroma.

Castleton Tea Estate Darjeeling Infusion:

This Castleton Darjeeling Tea has an authentic and even infusion. It has an overall appearance of green mixed with slight yellow and brown tinge here and there. The infusion is bright and lively and is very tempting to taste the cup. It is said that the infusion can foretell the quality of the cup and in this case, the cup looks to be real good. The cup is little bolder than the Moonlight version and obviously due to smaller sized tea leaves. It has a sweet and lovely floral nose which seems decked up with a complex set of other different varieties of floral essence. Slight veggie notes can be found as well accompanied by mild fruity and nutty character.

Castleton Tea Estate Clonal Classic Liqor:

A beautiful golden brew that is light and bright in character. The body is light in lines with the cup of what a classic Darjeeling First Flush should be. The sip you take in, fills your mouth with buttery effects. The cup has a welcoming smooth character with light and desirable astringency that affects upper part of your buccal cavity and slowly spreads to the middle of the tongue. It has an exceptional sweet honey toned quality taste which seems to linger on as an aftertaste. It has a beautiful light floral flavor along with some nutty characteristics.

A very delicious 2018 Castleton First Flush Darjeeling from Castleton Tea Garden. A top quality tea, delicate, yet complex and complete in its nature. A tea with its own renowned and unique characteristics which are found in none. Truly Royal in its nature. Limited at hand and highly recommended you try!

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