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Giddapahar Tea Darjeeling Estate Kurseong



The original style, Giddapahar Tea Darjeeling style First Flush tea made from pure china tea bushes. Giddapahar Tea Estate is one tea garden where 95% of the tea plantation area is under chinery tea bushes. Most people refer to 'chinery' as 'chinary', but this is wrong as this originates from the Nepalese word "Cheen" which means "china". So in the proper Nepalese pronunciation, it should be "chinery" not "chinary". Chinary has a different meaning in Nepali language. This of course is unknown to people who don't speak the Darjeeling language and apply their own spellings).

As every tea garden has section upon section of tea plants, only a few sections produce quality teas. To get the teas from this quality section is hard. Only upon proper observation and request, one can get that heap of desired tea. This First Flush 2017, Mr Sudhangshu, was kind enough to allow us to have the tea grown in that high altitude special quality growing section.

And as a result, a top notch Giddapahar Darjeeling Tea which we believe can surpass some of the most renowned tea estates. We skipped one of them for this. So you can understand. As we have always said, good quality tea is always limited in quantity and cannot be produced in bulk. This too is extremely limited and this Giddapahar tea quality is with no one. Simply because the particular best invoice was taken by us in whole. Tons of Giddapahar tea are sold on the net.- Do try theirs and try ours as well. You be the judge! You will forget all of it that you have tried in the past :) Its a marvelous Darjeeling Giddapahar First Flush classic tea and this stock is only with us! You might wonder our Giddapahar is expensive than others, it is because this is made from a special section of Giddapahar having exponential quality in comparison to others and we had to buy expensive as well. That's Why!

Giddapahar Tea Darjeeling Dry Tea Leaves:

The tea leaves seems well rolled and twisted giving each one not only the twist it needs, but a whole curvy edge to the whole body (strand) of the leaf. The overall color of the tea leaves portray greenish with a mixture of dark and deep green colors. This is a specially made tea on request and it is surprisingly larger in size despite being a china variety tea. It has considerable amount of silver tips and presence of tiny silver hairs give it a definite bloom to the overall appearance - making it very attractive in the true Darjeeling classic way. The tea leaves are highly aromatic and has an overall freshness that seems to relax the mind. It has also complex mixture of fragrance that is sweet, tender, grassy, spicy, salty, flowery and nutty like the almonds.

Giddapahar Tea Estate China Spl Infusion:

This Giddapahar Tea Darjeeling open up to its original size and has an overall bright infusion mostly green but comes blended with a slight hint of pale yellow and other shades of green, also some browns. It has an intriguing minty nose which comes parceled with mild sweetness. Some spicy and flowery nose are found which depicts freshness. It is also nutty to some extent

Giddapahar Tea Estate
This photo further proves: This tea we are selling is 100% authentic.

Giddapahar Darjeeling Tea Estate Liqour:

As a classic graded tea made from pure china tea bushes and also being a First Flush, the cup doesn't differ in characteristics. This Giddapahar Tea Estate produce has a light liqor, pale golden-yellow in the cup. The cup is light and bright which reflects back to the hands of time, the time of careful manufacture. It has a definite briskness which intrigues the tongue with freshness and relaxation. The liqor becomes a well rounded cup if done with the correct steeping time. 3 minutes is recommended for steeping the tea. It turns bitter if steeped for longer time and the smoothness lost. It gives you a beautiful mouth-feel filling with all its characteristics that refers to being invigorating, sweet, almondy (nutty) and flowery. Slight astringency is felt at the tip of the tongue, but gradually wades off leaving a sweet and spicy aftertaste.

If you are a classic Darjeeling First Flush fan, then you shouldn't miss this specially made Giddapahar Tea Darjeeling on request by any chance. Its one tea we chose from different classic china tea samples and the classic Darjeeling aroma is worth a mention here. A tea which invigorates your senses. A top quality First Flush tea at a very affordable price!

50 grams order- USD 19.50
100 grams order- USD 38.00
300 grams order- USD 112.00
1 kg order- USD 320.00
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