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Margaret's Hope Moonlight Tea



Any Darjeeling Tea lover would know Margaret's Hope Tea Garden and it's history. Owned by the Goodricke Group, Margaret's Hope Darjeeling stands a prestigious place among other tea gardens in Darjeeling. One of the oldest and renowned for its exotic teas. We bought Margaret's Hope Tea in the past when Mr. Anil Gurung and Mr. Sagar Rawat were one of the tea makers there. In their own tenures at Margaret's Hope Tea Estate, they made special handmade teas. One was in the shape of pearls and the other had huge sized chunky silver tips. We had so much fallen in love with these teas. They got transferred to another Goodricke tea gardens and hence the manufacture of teas we loved stopped as well. Simply, they were the main tea makers of those particular specialty teas. We stopped buying because our favorite teas were not made anymore, until last year's First Flush. We got hold of Margaret's Hope Moonlight Tea.

Mr. Binod Gurung, overall incharge for Goodricke's Darjeeling Tea gardens, provided us with a couple of Margaret's Hope Moonlight tea samples and our eyes simply gleamed in delight. Yes, the kind of Margaret's Hope Darjeeling Tea we were looking for were brewing in front of us. Thanks to Mr. Gurung! Though different from the previous tea makers, this was certainly not a tea to be overlooked. We tasted a couple of Margaret's Hope First Flush Darjeeling tea samples and finally chose the best that stood tall among the rest - Invoice number "MTC 12". We had got some early samples, but we though we had to wait and it was fruitful. These teas come in wooden tea chest in order to avoid breakage of tea leaves. Tea sacks could crush the tea leaves in transit.

"MTC" means Margaret's Hope Tea Center.

Margarets Hope Tea Darjeeling Dry Leaves:

The dry tea leaves of Margaret's Hope Darjeeling fall into the larger category with chunky silver tips. We have noticed a higher content of buds/tips this year. The leaf appearance is dominated by an overall greenish look which comes ornamented with different colors of various shades of green, all blended perfectly to give it a definite style and color - an attractive bloom. Two leaves and a bud are prominent and visible. The chunky silver tips are marvelously covered with grayish-white sheen reflecting the silver hairs. This gives a definite luster.

The tea leaves are rather light weight and voluminous needing a larger container for storage. It has a very sweet and fresh aroma, honey toned accompanied by mild white chocolate like fragrance. Some spicy characteristics are prominent. It also resembles some aromatic characteristics to that of freshly baked vanilla cake. A complex underlying notes of spring flowers present itself as a welcoming note and makes you realize that you are about to drink one of the highest grade Darjeeling tea First Flush variety. A lovely work of art by the tea makers of Margaret's Hope Tea garden!

Margaret's Hope Moonlight tea Infusion:

This Margaret's Hope Moonlight Tea gets a lovely bright and lively infusion. The wet leaves are quite large and has an overall greenish appearance with a mix of bottle green, brown and slight yellow colors. The slightly yellow-brown mixed with green are commonly representing the buds which comes as two leaves and a bud, visible and prominent. It has a lovely thoroughly pronounced sweet floral nose. This has some spicy characteristics similar to a mix of cumin seeds and pepper. It also has a varied range of fresh and fruity aroma which intrigues the mind. The aroma makes you wanna taste the cup soon. The lovely bright infusion depicts the next story of its life history, a quality liqor in the tea cup.

Margaret's Hope Moonlight
This photo further proves: This tea we are selling is 100% authentic.

Margaret's Hope Darjeeling Tea Liqour:

This 2017 First Flush Margaret's Hope Moonlight has a marvelous light and bright golden-yellow brew which denotes good and careful manufacture and hence a sign of high grade quality tea. It has a rich mellow liqor with an excellent brisk character. The cup appears smooth as you sip on. As you are rolling your tongue, a very light astringency can be experienced. The lively taste in the liqor comes compact with various levels of complex fruity and floral character. There is this overwhelming sweetness that fills your mouth and spreads in all directions. It also tastes somewhat nutty like almonds. The overwhelming sweetness which spreads as soon as you sip in, retains even after you have gulped in. This also forms the aftertaste which lingers for quite sometime.

A very delicious 2017 First Flush Moonlight Darjeeling Tea from Margaret's Hope Tea Garden made from pure clonal AV2 cultivar. A top quality tea, delicate, yet complex and complete in its nature. A tea with its own renowned and unique characteristics - found in none of other teas. Highly recommended you try!

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