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Okay Spring W




Situated in the Mirk valley on the way to Thurbo, Okayti, formerly known as Rangdoo, is one of the premium tea gardens in Darjeeling. It produces excellent Darjeeling Teas. Named after Queen Victoria commented on its tea as "Okay Tea" when the tea merchants in England offered her. It came to be known as "Okay Tea" and hence the tea garden derived its name and today is known as Okayti. It is one of the tea estates to own one of the oldest tea factory initially established in 1888.

Its an organic tea estate and has an area of about 208.82 hectares ranging between the altitude of 4000 to 6800 ft. This year we got to choose some of it's specialty teas and we fell in love with the chunky tea leaves quite large in size having a beautiful flavor. Do try it and know for yourselves.

Okayti Dry Leaves:

The dry tea leaves of this Spring Wonder has an attractive chunky tea leaves with considerable amount of buds or tips. The leaves are larger than normal with elongated make. Stylish in appearance having an attractive bloom, it is well rolled and twisted. The leaf color is greenish with a complex mix of colors. The leaves are covered in tiny silver hairs giving it a definitive lustre showing signs of careful and attentive manufacture. Mostly made from pure AV2 clonal tea leaves, it has a mild spicy characteristics and floral aroma. It is fresh and aromatic depicting honey toned and slightly caramellic fragrance.

Okayti Tea Infusion:

The wet tea leaves or infusion of this lends an overall greenish color with a mix of dark green and slight brown tea leaves. It has a lively bright infusion and the chunky two leaves and a bud are quite vivid in appearance. A tempting infusion which foretells the story of a good cup that gets derived from infusion. It has a complex underlying set of floran and veggie notes.

Okayti Tea Cup or Liqour:

This tea has an excellent bright mild yellow cup depicting meticulous care taken during it's manufacture. It has an excellent brisk cup which is mellow to taste. It has a rich silky smooth cup with a fair amount of astringency which is enjoyable. It comes packed with a lively sweet taste and has an overwhelming burst of floral flavor which spreads in the mouth. It also lends a slight taste like the roasted cashew nuts. The sweet aftertaste lingers for quite sometime.

A fine quality tea from Okayti we are lucky to list among other First Flush teas. Each tea garden is known for its unique flavor in Darjeeling and Okayti has produced one such flavor which you should definitely try and explore. A high quality tea fit for Queen and of course you :)

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