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Singbulli Estate Darjeeling



Singbulli Tea Estate is one of the premier tea gardens in Darjeeling which generally flushes earlier than other tea gardens. It is renowned for its excellent quality First Flush teas. Their Tingling division is meant to grow some of the best clonal varieties. Singbulli produces a wide range of teas from chinery to clonals, each differing from one invoice to another.

We sampled quite a number of teas this 2018 and found three clonal invoices to be the best pertaining to quality as well as the cost factor. This can be called the little brother of Emperor and Thunder we have for you all. An excellent clonal tea made in the classic fashion obtaining the real characteristics of Darjeeling which attributes to its fame. A must try for all.

Singbulli Clonal Flowery Dry tea leaves:

A classic clonal Darjeeling having an overall greenish appearance with a complex mix of light and dark green colors. Well twisted, rolled and sorted, this Singbulli clonal has a definite bloom. Being a classic clonal graded tea, the tea leaves are smaller than its other clonal friends. It has considerable amount of silver tips with a beautiful lustre. It has an overwhelming floral aroma and hence is tagged with the name "Flowery". It has a complex aroma layers of fresh smelling flowers which is somewhat nutty as well.

Singbulli Clonal Flowery Tea Infusion:

It has a lively bright infusion with color tones of overall greenish apperance with a marvelous blend of light browns. The note is sweet and appears to be somewhat honey toned in nature. It also lends a fruity orange like character. It has an overwhelming complex undertones of various species of floral aroma which is hard to separate as it comes amalgamated. Some minty characteristics can also be found with this tea. A mild and sweet nutty nose comes accompanied with mild white chocolaty characteristics. A faint amount of spicy character is also present.

Singbulli Clonal Flowery Liqor:

The cup comprises of a bright golden-yellow cup depicting a good first flush quality manufacture. The cup is lively and fresh smelling. This floral cup as it is named comes with a mild rosy flavor. It is slightly nutty and fruity in the cup and somewhat amondy in character. Some spicy elements can be felt and the cup fills your mouthwith a lovely sweet taste. A slight hint of astringency can be felt. It has a sweet and buttery aftertaste.

A classic clonal Darjeeling First FLush you shouldn't be missing. Before the specialty teas came, these classic notes were the vanguards in making Darjeeling famous. Try and enjoy the vintage characteristics of Darjeeling. An affordable tea which you can share and make one of your everyday tea.

100 grams order- USD 42.00 Now USD 37.80
300 grams order- USD 119.70 Now USD 107.73
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