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Singbulli Darjeeling First Flush




A first grade 2016 classic First Flush Darjeeling Tea from Singbulli Tea Estate. Singbulli is well known for its First Flush teas and not only tea connoisseurs like us know about it, but all the Darjeeling tea gardens are aware of Singbulli Tea Estate First Flush quality teas. Last year, the weather was fine for Singbulli Tea garden and its AV2 clonals could grow to its maximum quality level. However, this year, the weather conditions were unfavorable and the growth wasn't expected as last year. They produced some excellent clonal teas this year as well, but the Singbulli Emperor we purchased last year surpassed this year's production. Its not the fault of the tea maker or the tea garden, it's the weather conditions that prevailed in different parts of Darjeeling hills. We have always pointed out that even the original tea maker cannot do an exact replica of the tea he previously made.

Hence, we did first round of clonal tea tasting and after that went on to do two more rounds of chinery varieties of which we were delighted by the invoice or lot number DJ-24. Its a highly affordable 2016 quality tea from Singbulli Tea Estate. Thanks to Mr. Mantri, the manager for his hospitality and friendship. He is one of the senior tea makers in the Darjeeling Tea industry arena. Hope you like the tea!

Singbulli China Flowery Supreme Dry tea leaves:

As reminiscent of classic Darjeeling, this Singbulli First Flush offering has an overall greenish appearance with a beautiful blend of light and dark-bottle green colored tea leaves. It seems to be well sorted and has a definite bloom with considerable amount of silver tips. Tea leaves in classic tea varieties are always lesser in tips than clonals. The tea leaves are well rolled and twisted. Being a classic china graded tea, the tea leaves are smaller than its clonal counterpart. It has a sweet and fresh aroma accompanied by some spicy elements. Somewhat caramellic (milky) and honey toned as well. It has the smell of fresh flowers of different origin which is layered. It has that fruity character with undertones of nuttiness like the almonds.

Singbulli Tea Estate First Flush Tea Infusion:

This Singbulli Darjeeling has a marvelous lively bright infusion with an overall greenish appearance. The overall greenish appearance comes mixed with different colors of light and bottle green. It also has a slight hint of light brown as well. It has sweet honey toned aroma which is accompanied by faint fruity characteristics which resembles orange peels. It has a complex floral scent layered one upon another. It has some mint like characteristics as well. A mild and sweet nutty nose can also be found which comes mixed with the essence of somewhat white chocolate in resemblance. Slight notes of spiciness can also be found.

Singbulli Tea Estate Darjeeling

Singbulli Darjeeling Tea Liqor:

It has a light golden-yellow cup which marks the sign of any good quality first flush tea. The reflective quality of liqor or in simple words the brightness of the cup is lively and fresh smelling. It has a beautiful floral aroma somewhat rosy in character. Slightly grassy, but well balanced by prominent sweet and nutty characteristics which resemble almonds. The cup is smooth with buttery mouth-feel. Some spicy hints can be felt as well. Slight astringency can be felt and a very mild bitterness, yet sweet in taste can be observed. It leaves a sweet and buttery aftertaste at the tip of the tongue.

Recommended steeping time for this Singbulli Darjeeling First Flush is 3 minutes. Ggreater steeping time can increase astringency and bitterness simultaneously.

Singbulli First Flush

One great quality classic 2016 Darjeeling First Flush tea from one of Darjeeling's finest Flush Flush tea producing tea garden – Singbulli Tea Estate. Don't miss this, you'll miss the real Darjeeling classic character for which Darjeeling First Flush is famous for. Its a highly affordable tea for your daily tea sipping routine. Also for those who are willing to delve into the world of Darjeeling without having to dig too deep into their pockets.

Singbulli Tea 25 grams- Sorry, ALL SOLD!
Singbulli Tea 50 grams- Sorry, ALL SOLD!
Singbulli Tea 100 grams- Sorry, ALL SOLD!
Singbulli Tea 300 grams- Sorry, ALL SOLD!
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