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Singbulli Tea Estate First Flush



Singbulli Tea Estate "Emperor" is a special and limited edition 2018 First Flush Darjeeling Tea. Already limited in quantity when Mr. Mantri sampled us. The first appearance was what we got attracted to, a beautiful greenish clonal tea with an abundance of silver tips, well sized and rolled. It is made more in the oolong fashion, but not completely oolong as well. Its in between oolong and white tea with the appearance of a white and the manufacture process similar to that of an oolong.

"Emperor" here signifies the huge and elongated white or silver tips with those olive green leaves - a pure AV2 clonal tea, infact the king of AV2 clonal cultivar from the Tingling division of Singbulli Tea Estate. It belongs to the exotic variety and very limited in quantity. Only 26 kgs of this tea was produced and we could procure only 13 kgs. We had to share the lot with a Japanese tea company.

Singbulli Tea Estate "Emperor" Dry Leaves

The furry white bloom signifies the utter importance given and care taken in the manufacture of this tea. The overall appearance is greenish-white with more of silver tips resembling elongated shaped snow buds. The leaf size is huge. It is among the largest tea leaves we have for this first flush 2018 season. Its elongated and well twisted. Almost all of the tea leaves appear to have a sheen due to the existence of minute silver hairs on them. There is a huge abundance of silver tips, in fact comparatively equal to the greens. Don't forget to smell the tea leaves as soon as you open the pouch. A high degree of floral and fruity aroma is instantly noticeable. On further judging, this Singbulli Tea Estate tea has sweet vanilla like essence with a slight twist of lemon. It is slightly nutty in character as well.

Singbulli "Emperor" Infusion or Wet Leaves

The magic of these chunky-longish dry leaves unfolding in hot water is lovely. It has a lovely bright appearance which is overall Jade like in color. It has a fresh bouquet, thoroughly pronounced, giving an assessment of detailed and careful manufacture in order to obtain the desired quality and flavor. The white tips turn into greener version when immersed in hot water and imparts the jade like look. It emits slight veggie notes accompanied by very mild flowery and fruity aroma.

Singbulli "Emperor" Cup or Liqour

The strength of the cup is lighter in comparison to the other First Flush teas we have purchased this year, but in par with the Castleton Moonlight. The liqor is shimmering with light-yellow color resulting in a lively fresh taste. The brisk character is clean in nature with exceptional flavor. It has a smooth cup and has a well balanced body which tends to be sweet as well as slightly salty. Has a definite point with underlying complexity of various fruits and flowers. Also lends mild hints of almonds and pertains to be nutty as well. Slight vegetal notes and tastes are prominent. It leaves behind a lingering sweet aftertaste. The cup also has a very mild astringency.

A top notch quality tea finding from Singbulli Tea Estate. If you believe in tasting some quality teas from Darjeeling, then this is one such example of it. You won't get disappointed for the price you pay. An"A" grade quality tea pertaining to the process of careful manufacture. A tea you should in no way miss it! Singbulli Tea Estate Singbulli Tea Estate.

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