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Castleton Moonlight Tea



Established in the year 1872, Thurbo Tea Garden is one of the best in producing quality teas. Mr. Rai, the Superintendent was kind enough to assist us in procuring this tea. At the time of our visit, only 69 kgs of tea was made. And only 9 kgs of this exclusive Thurbo Moonlight was made. Its a rare find at the peak quality time because buying teas at the right time is of utmost importance.

A super quality clonal tea made from pure AV2 cultivar. Rich in flavor with a lovely translucent cup. A tea which is extremely limited in quantity. We are just selling it in 25 and 50 gram packs as we have already sold some portion with our exisiting wholesale client. So do grab your share before we run out completely.

Thurbo Moonlight Tea Dry Leaves:

A marvelous First Flush Darjeeling Tea made from AV2 clonal tea bushes, Thurbo Moonlight, has the most attractive appearance pertaining to its grade. It has an overall excellent bloom. It has an overall greenish appearance with a marvelous blend of dark-bottle green and light green tea leaves. The tea leaves appear bright due to its silver fibers on almost all of the tea leaves. The tea leaves are well rolled and twisted, and undergone fine sorting. It appears wiry and elongated due to its cylindrical twists. It has a very fresh and sweet aroma which accompanies a warm feeling. It also has some mild sense that somewhat resembles white chocolate. It has a complex set of underlying tones of lovely floral character. Mild spice like character can be observed as well.

Thurbo Moonlight Tea Darjeeling Infusion:

It has an attractive bright infusion with an overall greenish appearance. The overall greenish appearance comes mixed with different colors of light and bottle green with a slight hint of light yellow as well. The yellowish color character of the infusion we observed, imparted to the color of the tips or buds which is also a flawless blend of yellow and light brown colors. It has sweet honey toned aroma which is accompanied by faint fruity notes which resembles orange peels. It has a complex floral scent layered one upon another which could confuse the mind in trying to find the exact match.

Thurbo Moonlight Tea Cup or Liqour:

It has a marvelous golden-yellow cup and resembles the color of the sun while it is setting down – this is the reason we would like to call this “sun in the cup”. The cup color is light as reminiscent of a First Flush classic Darjeeling Tea which is lively and fresh smelling. It has a beautiful floral aroma and also somewhat “honey like” in character. Slightly vegetal and minty, but well balanced by prominent sweet and nutty characteristics which resemble almonds. It has a mild buttery mouth-feel with some slight hints of spiciness. Some mild astringency accompanied by well balanced nutty and sweet character makes the tea extremely enjoyable. It leaves a sweet and buttery aftertaste at the tip of the tongue. Recommended steeping time is 3 – 4 minutes.

This is one top grade clonal variety Darjeeling First Flush 2018 tea. Don't miss on this tea as this is one of the teas made from the first round of pluckings, tender and fresh and given to us as the first invoice from Thurbo before they could actually make the whole DJ1 invoice. You will know it when you have tasted it :)


25 grams order- Sorry, ALL SOLD!
50 grams order- Sorry, ALL SOLD!
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