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Turzum Tea Estate is another tea garden owned by the Jayshree Tea people. Turzum is well known for its excellent clonal variety and has excelled in quality production. Each tea season Turzum comes out with some excellent invoices and this Darjeeling First Flush 2018, we bring you the finest First Flush Darjeeling Tea invoice from Turzum. Due to its high altitude, Turzum Tea Estate always flushes slower than other tea gardens and this time too Turzum followed its tradition of flushing late. We were provided several invoice samples, but this invoice “LC 5” of Himalayan Mystic won our hearts and we procured it. There were various other clonal offerings from Turzum such as Himalayan Wonder, Flowery Clonal and Classic Clonal. We liked the Himalayan Mystic, the highest quality of them all and the most expensive among them. Good tea isn't cheap and we had to pay the price :) We had to undergo a lot of bidding on this tea as it was liked by other companies as well. We had to get this tea anyhow and thus had to do the highest bidding as well. One top notch First Flush 2018 clonal tea which you will remember through years to come.

Turzum Himalayan Mystic Dry Leaves:

A clonal graded tea made with utmost care in manufacture retaining all the essential characteristics for which this tea has excelled. The tea leaves are elongated with those longish shape, well rolled and twisted. The overall color texture is greenish which can be seen with a beautiful blend of light and bottle green colors. The bottle green which we are describing may seem black from a distance but on closer inspection it has that embedded mixture of chocolate brown and bottle green colors. It has high content of elongated silver tips or buds which is accompanied by some golden buds as well. Most of the tea leaves seem clad in white furry coat or silver hairs giving the tea a definite luster and bloom. It has a sweet aroma which comes mingled with a mild cake like, pastry character. It also has that mild caramelized character with a nutty finish. It has a fresh floral scent of wild flowers and imparts a certain fruity character which seems somewhat like fresh cut apples.

Turzum Himalayan Mystic Infusion:

Turzum has a lovely green infusion with a blend of shades of pale yellow. Most of the pale yellow color are of the buds which is shimmering due to the wet silver hairs on the buds giving it a bright infusion and further forecasting good liqour quality. It lends a fresh and sweet floral nose, slightly vetal accompanied by mild vanilla like essence. It imparts mild pastry like aroma which also seems like mixed with fruity nose like fresh apples. Some nuttiness can be observed which comes mixed with very mild spiciness.

Turzum Himalayan Mystic Cup or Liqour:

Clonals, despite the tea season, always seem to be lighter in the cup when compared to china variety. Clonals are usually larger in size than the chinery teas, but smaller clonal sized leaves can produce stronger cup. Mantra is smaller the tea leaves, stronger the cup; larger the tea leaves lighter the cup. It has a honey toned, light golden-yellow cup which is bright and highly aromatic. It has a smoother cup with desirable complex fragrant floral aroma. Has a very mild biscuity taste. It has a lively brisk taste that sparkles and bursts in the mouth which seems very invigorating. The tea is sweet, vanilla like and floral. Some fruity character can be noticed along with almondy character. It has very little astringency and leaves the tip of the tongue with a sweet aftertaste. Recommended steeping time is 3 - 4 minutes.

One tea we are proud to have made from the finest first pluckings of the 2018 First Flush season; made from excellent quality clonal tea bushes. We highly recommend you try this tea, marked with the first invoice “LC 5” and know for yourself. It is one tea which we would like to refer as the “Crème de la Crème” amongst all the classic Darjeeling black teas from 2018 Darjeeling First Flush season. Also do checkout our Turzum Tea Estate Darjeeling Second Flush

100 grams order- USD 29.50 Now USD 26.55
300 grams order- USD 56.25 Now USD 50.62
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