2015 Avongrove Euphoria Darjeeling Tea
Avongrove Euphoria Tea
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AVONGROVE "EUPHORIA" (DJ 64) - Darjeeling Second Flush 2015 Tea

Avongrove Euphoria



This Second Flush tea was one of the teas which were sampled during the tea tasting session held at Darjeeling Planters Club. Only the best picks were brought here to showcase and pride a particular garden's seasonal produce. The Manager of Avongrove Tea Estate, was kind enough to sample us this tea and provide us an opportunity to buy it. He just gave us a day's time to decide and bid on it. The bidding was done and thus the tea procured. Now its here for you. Avongrove has been producing this tea for quite sometime, but we never got a chance to sample it. Now we have done and regret not sampling and going after it much earlier.


It is well rolled and twisted having an elongated look somewhat wiry in nature. It has an overall chocolate brown appearance with abundance of slender silver tips showing sign of high quality manufacture with the preservation of good look and flavor. It is very sweet in nature with an overwhelming warm chocolate like aroma. The caramelic aroma comes packed with other complex fruity notes which results in a pleasing aroma that fills the mind with warmth and a longing for this tea. The nutty characteristics cannot be avoided here. This is a perfect example of a classic clonal variety quality Darjeeling Second Flush tea.

AVONGROVE EUPHORIA Infusion or Wet Leaves:

It has an overall coppery infusion which seems even in nature. The mixture of light and dark brown leaves are bright with an inherent character of rich smell that is highly complex, leading more towards fruity and flowery characteristics. It also has light nutty aroma which is accompanied by a small degree of sweetness. The tea leaves beautifully open up.

2015 Avongrove Euphoria Darjeeling Tea


It has a good strength, but doesn't lack in briskness. Infact the brisk or lively taste is very much prominent. The cup tends towards reddish-orange color which can be tagged as coppery. Brewing this for a complete 5 minutes time can make this cup a bit bitter; try brewing for 3 minutes and try it. Of course you can try different time settings. It has mild biscuity taste with exceptional quality flavor or undertones of caramel, fruits and nuts. It is full bodied and mellow.

2nd Flush Avongrove Euphoria Tea

Avongrove Euphoria, 2015 Darjeeling Second Flush is one of the teas which can be considered as high quality Darjeeling Tea which you often find people talking about. If you are interested in tasting a high quality Darjeeling Tea, this is not an option you should discard. Try and know yourself!

Avongove Euphoria Darjeeling Tea- USD 12.95 Now 10.36 (20% OFF) - Sorry, ALL SOLD!
Avongove Euphoria Darjeeling Tea- USD 25.00 Now 20.00 (20% OFF) - Sorry, ALL SOLD!
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