2015 Risheehat Tea
Risheehat Tea
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RISHEEHAT "WIRY MUSK SPL" (EX 3) - Darjeeling Second Flush 2015 Tea

Risheehat Wiry Musk



Risheehat is one of the highest tea plantations in Darjeeling. It is fully organic and produces one of the best high end Darjeeling teas every season. Mostly planted with chinary plants, Risheehat is very well known for its muscatel teas produced during the Second Flush season. As Castleton is well known for its Moonlight and Muscatel, Risheehat's is also counted among the best muscatel producing tea gardens specially marked with their "Wiry Musk" tea. We tried a couple of teas from simple FTGFOP1 leaf grade chinas to their clonals, but this china grade "Wiry Musk" won hands down. A unique Darjeeling full of fruity and nutty flavor having a very rich full bodied cup. Mr. Rajiv Kumar, Manager of Risheehat, was kind enough to sample us about nine different varieties of Risheehat teas. We chose this particular 2015 Second Flush invoice number "EX 3" consisting of their trademark - the "Wiry Musk". Hope you like it!


This 2015 Second Flush Risheehat 'Wiry Musk SPL' (SPL here means 'special' denoting special among Wiry Musk teas) has a dark brownish overall appearance which seems to fulfill a satisfactory characteristics pertaining to a classic Darjeeling Second Flush variety. It has a clean and even outlook which maintains that proper sorting has been done to free it from other extraneous elements. As the name suggests, the tea leaves are processed in the wiry manner and takes the appearance of slender wire like leaves. Its a neat tea, well rolled and twisted with considerable amount of silver tips.The dry leaves seems to be highly fruity and nutty, reminiscent of almonds and also a little toasty, but shouldn't be confused with burnt. The muscatel character is quite prominent which is accompanied by mild sweetness.

RISHEEHAT WIRY MUSK SPL Infusion or Wet Leaves:

The most coppery infusion of all Second Flush we have purchased this season. The coppery infusion comprises of dark chocolate colored leaves with some hints of brown. It is fresh smelling giving the taster to assess its quality and flavor. This bright infusion has a marvelous musky aroma which comes mixed with various fruity characteristics. In addition to the above, it also has a pleasingly sweet aroma which appears to be slightly nutty as well.

2015 Risheehat Wiry Musk Tea


The cup has a rich mellow liqor, full bodied in the mouth. It has strength, color and fullness. The color tends to move more towards being red. A well matured tea's cup with exceptional flavor of muscatel. A lively brisk cup with fruity flavors accompanied by a slight flowery touch. The cup is sweet and also has hints of some maltiness which comes with fruity flavors of grapes. A well rounded cup that can be taken all day long. Do not steep it for too long as this too might develop some bitterness; 3 minutes recommended.

2015 Second Flush Risheehat Wiry Musk Darjeeling Tea

One tea we are offering for the first time when it comes to our Second Flush purchases. We did purchase a small amount during the Autumn Flush in the past and it was well appreciated - Second Flush edition seems to be better in appearance and taste - we highly recommend you this 2015 Second Flush Wiry Musk and enjoy the beauty and taste of Darjeeling Muscatel teas.

Risheehat Darjeeling Tea - Sorry ALL SOLD!
Risheehat Tea 2015 - Sorry ALL SOLD!
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