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Arya Darjeeling Tea


CERTIFIED ORGANIC - YES, It's an Organic Tea

Among all the line of Darjeeling black tea jewels that Arya produces, Arya Moonbeam Darjeeling is considered one of the most intricately observed tea in production, yielding out into an outstanding tea. This year's 201 Second Flush Arya Moonbeam Tea boasts of having all the good qualities in all spheres of its overall characteristics, be it appearance, infusion or the liqor in the tea cup. This particular Second Flush tea is produced only on demand. We ordered a small lot and Mr. Roy played his part well - an excellent Second Flush 2018 Darjeeling Tea. An adorable and delicious tea with an unbelievable shelf life. If you are a serious tea lover, we highly recommend you try this Darjeeling Tea and deduce your own conclusions! We only have a very limited supply of this tea. So grab your share before we run out!

Arya Moonbeam Summer Dry leaves:

According to Mr. Roy, this tea has been made from specially plucked AV2 clonal tea leaves having just one leaf and a bud. It is picked from the finest clonal growing section of Arya. A lot of labor has been put by the women tea pickers of Arya Tea Estate and thanks to them for making this tea possible. This Arya Moonbeam tea has an overall attractive bloom which are fairly larger in size than the normal classic graded Darjeeling teas. It has elongated leaves, wiry with dark yellowish and chocolate brown color. There is abundance of silver and golden tips, quite remarkably handled during processing. The yellowish color are mainly that of the golden buds. It has a rich smell which seemingly bears similarity to that of a complex mixture of chocolate, mint and fresh fruits. The nutty/almondy aroma is also worth mentioning here.

Wet Tea leaves of this Arya Moonbeam:

The infused leaves beautifully opens up and occupies quite a space on the inverted lid of the tea tasting cup. The infused leaf size depicts the original size of the tea leaf. This Arya Moonbeam Darjeeling has a lively brown/coppery overall infusion with the golden and silver tips/buds turning pale yellow in color. One leaf and a bud is quite visible. It has a sweet fragrance with slight hints of lemon. It also has a nutty character which comes coated with the complexity of different fruits.


Arya Moonbeam cup or liqor:

It has quite a full bodied cup, turning dark reddish in color. Classic Darjeelings always bear that tiny size china styled leaves while opposed to it, this tea has a light and bright golden/red brew. The tea is brisk and an instant sweetness fills the mouth while sipping. It also lends a nutty character with some complex undertones of fruitiness, reminiscent of ripe apples and pineapple.

This Arya Moonbeam Tea is one of the highest grade 2018 Darjeeling Tea produced this Second Flush season. Seriously, we advise all tea connoisseurs to try this tea and experience what a high grade Darjeeling tastes like. We guarantee you that it will be worth every penny you spend. Taste the Moonbeam, know for yourselves!

50 grams order- USD 25.37
100 grams order- USD 49.00
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