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Arya Ruby Tea, Second Flush Darjeeling 2016

Arya Ruby Darjeeling Tea Second Flush 2016




Arya Ruby Darjeeling Tea is one which won our hearts the first time we bought it. With it's exclusive quality, we always end up buying it every year. The tremendous amount of fan following Arya Ruby has grown through the years cannot be ignored. This tea was discovered accidentally when Benoy sipped this tea in 2005 when in a meeting with a business partner. Marveled by the quality and taste, we started procuring this tea from 2006 and since then it hasn't let us down, not even once. We, ourselves are a fan of Arya Ruby tea.

A special tea made from AV2 clonal tea bushes from the tea gardens best clonal growing sections. This 2016 Second Flush Arya Ruby is as consistent as it always is. A perfect Darjeeling Tea, rich in flavor! A tea which marks high quality in every aspect, whether leaf appearance, cup or flavor. A well made tea!

Arya Ruby Darjeeling Tea Dry Leaves:

Be it any Darjeeling season, tea connoisseurs who have tasted it has fallen in love with Arya Ruby Darjeeling. This 2016 Darjeeling Second Flush Arya Ruby is no different with the dry tea leaves being bold, well rolled and twisted. It has an elongated look somewhat wiry in nature. It has an overall chocolate brown appearance with abundance of slender silver and golden tips. Such tips or buds shows significant signs of high quality manufacture with the preservation of good look and flavor. It is very sweet in nature with an overwhelming warm chocolate like aroma. The caramel like aroma comes packed with other complex fruity notes which results in a pleasing aroma that fills the mind with warmth and a longing for this tea. The nutty characteristics cannot be avoided here. This is a perfect example of a high quality and delicious 2016 new Darjeeling Second Flush tea.

Arya Ruby Tea Infusion or Wet Leaves:

It has an overall coppery infusion, visible in the photo below which seems even in nature. The mixture of light and dark brown leaves are bright. It has an inherent character of a rich smell that is highly complex, leaning more towards fruity and nutty characteristics. It is also accompanied by a small degree of sweetness attached to it.

Arya Ruby Tea 2016
This photo further proves: This tea we are selling is 100% authentic.

Arya Ruby Darjeeling Cup or Tea Liqour:

It has a full bodied cup leaning more towards a reddish tinge reminiscent of the color of Ruby (thus the name of the tea "Ruby"). It has a marvelous and prominent brisk or lively taste. The cup tends towards reddish-orange color which can be tagged as coppery. Brewing Ruby for a complete 5 minutes time can make the cup a bit bitter. Try brewing for 3 minutes and try it. Of course you can try different time settings. It has mild biscuity taste with exceptional quality flavor or undertones of caramel, fruits and nuts. It is full bodied and mellow. Each sip is a connoisseurs delight!

For infusion and liquor images, refer to the video above

One of the most popular Second Flush Darjeeling Tea among its other line of jewels Arya produces each season, every year. We started buying Arya teas just because of this Ruby tea and slowly delved into the depths of its offerings. One Darjeeling tea every tea connoisseur should try and know what its worth!

Arya Ruby Tea SF 50 grams- Sorry, ALL SOLD!
Arya Ruby Darjeeling SF 100 grams- Sorry, ALL SOLD!
Arya Ruby Darjeeling Tea 300 grams- Sorry, ALL SOLD!
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