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Arya Tea Estate Darjeeling Muscatel Second Flush 2016

Arya Tea Estate Darjeeling




This china grade tea from Arya Tea Estate Darjeeling belongs to the classic category of Second Flush Darjeeling Teas. Arya Tea Garden has different sections planted with Assam, chiney and clonal tea bushes. This tea comes from a section where they have pure china tea bushes staged at one of the Arya's highest point. Here, at such an elevation, slow and checked growth give them the ultimate classic characteristics. An affordable and good quality tea which can take the place of your everyday cuppa, fit for relaxation and enjoyment. A good quality organic classic Darjeeling Tea. The fruity and nutty characteristics are a joy to marvel at, when sipping. The muscatel flavor is prominent and highly enjoyable!

Arya Tea Estate Darjeeling Muscatel Dry Leaves:

This is a classic variety Second Flush Arya Tea Estate Darjeeling muscatel tea. It mostly comprises of tea leaves taken from a china variety tea bush. The leaves are even in size and seems to have undergone fine sorting. It is finely rolled and twisted. The overall appearance of the tea leaves lean more towards the brownish color. The brownish color is a mixture of light and dark brown leaves with fair amount of silver tips. This vintage Darjeeling grade has mild hints of fruity aroma, muscatel in nature. It is also accompanied by very light malty notes.

Darjeeling Arya Tea Estate Muscatel Wet Leaves:

The infusion Darjeeling Arya Tea Estate Muscatel is broadly coppery. This shows signs of a pure classic Darjeeling Second flush 2016 tea. This lively bright infusion comprises of light and chocolate brown leaves. It has a pleasing nose which is fresh and fragrant. It emits overwhelming fruity and nutty bouquet. The muscatel nose borders all flavors.

Arya Muscatel Tea Darjeeling 2016
This photo further proves: This tea we are selling is 100% authentic.

Arya Darjeeling Tea Muscatel Liqour:

It has considerable amount of strength which is in par with Castleton Muscatel. This Arya Darjeeling Tea has colors tending more towards dark reddish liqor. It has a lively brisk character which is also smooth when sipped. Steeping it for a longer period can make the tea develop some bitterness. 3 minutes time is recommended for a teaspoonful of dry tea leaves. It's a mature tea having good body and fullness. It has a lovely fruity muscatel notes and nutty flavor. It leaves a sweet and lingering aftertaste.

For infusion and liquor images, refer to the video above

Arya Tea Estate Darjeeling Second Flush Muscatel is an affordable good quality classic Darjeeling Second Flush tea. Highly affordable, yet is a marvelous 2016 Second Flush Darjeeling having high quality. Don't miss it! This can be a perfect affordable highly quality Darjeeling Tea for you and your guests at home.

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