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Castleton Moonlight Second Flush Tea



This is a very limited edition exclusive and exotic tea from Castleton Tea Garden. This is Castleton's prized possession this year along with the First Flush Moonlight we had purchased. This Castleton Moonlight Darjeeling Second Flush tea is super quality, extremely limited in quantity. The whole of the tea garden which has the ability to produce in terms of tons could only produce 20 kgs of this particular tea and its with us. Well there are other various versions of Moonlight, but this was just 20 kg invoice. We have the best pick done after rounds of tea tasting at Castleton. Our advantage, we are based in Darjeeling and we are able to conduct tea tastings right at the tea garden. And yes, choose the best. We have cut the cream from above from all other Moonlight versions. Now you just have to grab your share and relish the divine!

Castleton Moonlight Dry leaves:

We purchased Castleton Moonlight Darjeeling during 2018 First Flush season which is a marvelous tea, flowery and spicy. Now notice the change in the leaf appearance of the same tea due to the change in the tea season. Castleton Moonlight First Flush 2018 has an overall greenish appearance while Castleton Moonlight Second Flush is more of shades of brown. The variation of shades of brown is complex. It is accompanied by numerous tippy buds covered in fine silver hairs.

The leaves are well rolled and twisted. It has an overall elongated shapes. The buds are interesting this year with creamy sheen due to downy hairs. The tea leaves are rather voluminous and light weight. A 20 kg tea sack could hold only about 7 kgs of this tea. It has a marvelous sweet aroma and gets accompanied by a complex set of fruity notes. It is caramel like and nutty like the almonds.

Wet Tea leaves of this Castleton Moonlight Tea:

The wet leaves or infusion magically unfolds and showcases its true shape and size. This Castleton Moonlight Tea has rather chunky tips and the whole leaf opens like the pages of a book. It has a bright and lovely coppery infusion. It has a lovely sweetness with some mild malty aroma. The fruity flavor is unavoidable here.


Castleton Moonlight cup or liqor:

This Second Flush 2018 Castleton Moonlight oolong has a full bodied cup, smooth and sweet. The cup emerges a color leaning more towards a yellowish hue. This bright liqor imparts a sparkling taste that bursts in the mouth with complex undertones of layers of fruity flavor. This tea is believed withstand multiple steeps, but the best answer is experimenting and getting the results that best suits your palate. Experiment with different amounts of tea leaves and steeping timings - we are quite sure you will find the one that is right for you. Tea is completely a palate oriented brew and rests on individual taste and likings.

This 2018 Castleton Moonlight Second Flush Darjeeling Tea is produced in very limited quantity and are hard to find even for tea merchants like us. For us the highest bidder gets the tea and its not easy, we have to buy in bulk and such teas are expensive - you can imagine. But we strive to possess quality rather than quantity and this is one such tea which speaks of a good quality tea which we are quite sure that you will enjoy it! Try it! It is extremely low in quantity! Sip the best!

300 grams order- USD 32.50
50 grams order- USD 64.35
100 grams order- USD 126.10
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