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Giddapahar Tea Estate Musk Darjeeling 2016 Second Flush

Giddapahar Tea Estate



A classic graded china variety 2016 Second Flush Darjeeling tea sampled by Mr. Sudhangshu, proprietor of Giddapahar Tea Estate. We first bought this in '09 when it was unknown to the world and it received a lot of positive feedbacks from our tea friends. We were happy in promoting it. Giddapahar no doubt produces affordable good quality Darjeeling Teas. We couldn't avoid buying this year's produce namely 'Giddapahar Tea Estate Musk'. A lovely Darjeeling muscatel tea for tea connoisseurs who are a fan of that musk flavor.

Mr. Sharma, the main tea maker has been making Giddapahar teas for the last 4 decades. With a line of muscatel teas, we chose one that stood best and he was immensely pleased that we chose it. He too knew that it was from a special section where the chinery bushes gave top quality. Our tea tasting was blind without knowing any tea section it was from. Here you are with the best produce of Giddapahar Tea Estate this Second flush. Tons of Giddapahar teas on the net. Try ours and give your conclusions. We are confident that you will grade ours the best.

Giddapahar Tea Estate Musk Darjeeling Dry Leaves:

This Giddapahar Tea Estate Musk Darjeeling is picked from one of the highest elevation section of the tea estate. This section comprises of special chinery bushes which yield extremely good quality tea leaves for the purpose of muscatel tea making. Unlike other chinery tea leaves which are usually smaller than the clonals, this is fairly larger. The slender looking leaves are convered in downy hairs. This inturn gives the overall look a bright sheen. It contains a fair amount of silver tips. It comes with lovely aroma of fruits and nuts. The musk or muscatel flavor is overwhelming accompanied by some degree of sweetness.

Giddapahar Musk Infusion or Wet Leaves:

The infusion is bright and lively. The color of this Giddapahar Tea Estate Darjeeling Musk is a fusion of chocolate and brown tea leaves. More of an overall coppery infusion. Utterly fresh smelling with a musky or muscatel aroma. It has a pleasing mixed fruity aroma. It is nutty as well with a minty overlay. A certain amount of sweet smelling honey like characteristics is prominent as well. A well made tea in terms of quality and flavor.

Giddapahar Muscatel musk Darjeeling Tea 2016
This photo further proves: This tea we are selling is 100% authentic.

Giddapahar Darjeeling Musk Tea or Liqour:

The liquor quality of this Giddapahar Tea Estate Musk is rich and full bodied. It has a rich and well rounded cup. The strength and color depicts its fullness. The liquor color has a red-orange tinge. We kept this for a while unopened. This duration gave it some maturity and has evolved in it an exceptional muscatel flavor. The cup has a lively brisk characteristics. It has a well balanced pack of overwhelming fruity flavors hard to differentiate. To a certain extent, it has a nutty taste which is accompanied by some malty characteristics. A well made tea that pairs with most of your food items. A tea that can be sipped at anytime of the day. It lends a sweet aftertaste. Don't steep for long as it can go bitter. Steep for about 3 minutes or experiment according to what your palate likes.

For infusion and liquor images, refer to the video above

An overall top notch Darjeeling muscatel tea from the best growing section of Giddapahar Tea Estate. Specially made and hand picked with special chinery tea leaves. Try ours and decide for yourself. One thing we can promise is that you won't regret buying this. It's what Darjeeling Tea stands for - the muscatel flavor. And this tea is what you should be tasting!

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