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Runglee Rungliot Tea Garden Darjeeling "Thunderstorm" 2016

Runglee Rungliot

Runglee Rungliot Tea Garden "Thunderstorm" Darjeeling - DJ 80


Runglee Rungliot Tea garden Darjeeling under the supervision of Mr. Gurung, the manager have emerged as one of the best Darjeeling Tea producing tea gardens. Lying in a picturesque area, it is most of the time covered in mist and fog with ample amount of rainfall. It falls under the most prestigious category of tea gardens in Darjeeling.

Runglee Rungliot Tea Garden has ample amount of chinery plants along with it's own brand clonal bushes. Most of the people are a fan of AV2 cultivar, but here we bring you a very specialized tea made from "RR" cultivar. RR here denotes Runglee Rungliot, a clonal type which actually grows here. A lovely tea having its own fine characteristics quite different from AV2. One fine find we are proud of this 2016 Second Flush. Among other RR clonal invoices to choose from, we liked this particular 'DJ 80' invoice. Only 32 kg of this tea was made and we got it all. Hope you will like this tea.

Now the name "Thunderstorm". Darjeeling was receiving a lot of rain during the Second Flush. There was lot of thunder and lightening. And in such a situation this tea was made. Thus the name "Thunderstorm" was entitled. Hope it brings some noise to your senses :)

Runglee Rungliot Tea Garden Darjeeling Dry Leaves:

The leaf structure is more wiry and thinner in shape. Its well rolled, twisted and sorted. The leaf appearance, here color, comprises of an overall chocolate brown with a mix of other shades of brown. There are abundance of tips or buds and most of the tea leaves are clad in downy hairs giving it a definite luster. The tips or buds are a mixture of both silver and golden tips. Made from pure RR clonal tea leaves, this Runglee Rungliot Tea Estate Darjeeling has a marvelous chocolaty aroma which is also sweet like honey. It is also fruity like ripe apples and somewhat orange like as well. Some nuttiness is prominent as well.

Runglee Rungliot Darjeeling Tea Infusion:

The wet leaves of this Darjeeling Second Flush 2016 Runglee Rungliot Darjeeling Tea turns into a coppery infusion. The tips or buds are easily visible and distinguishable. They end in pointed needle shaped. It has a sweet, honey toned nose with a complex layer of different fruity notes. Slight nutty nose is noticeable which resembles almonds.

Runglee Rungliot Tea Estate Darjeeling 2016
This photo further proves: This tea we are selling is 100% authentic.

Runglee Rungliot Tea Cup or Liqour:

This Runglee Rungliot tea "Thunderstorm" has a bright reddish brew similar to the range of Castleton Moonlight Second Flush. It has a quality cup with a definite brisk character denoting a good quality tea arisen from proper manufacture. The most desirable Second Flush flavor depicting Darjeeling Tea is present. This is reminiscent of the teas grown at high altitudes such as Runglee Rungliot Tea Garden. It has a well rounded cup which is mellow. It has a sweet taste which has complex undertones of fruity flavor similar to that of oranges and apples. The muscatel flavor comes packed with a certain degree of sweetness and this also forms the aftertaste for this tea.

For infusion and liquor images, refer to the video above

Runglee Rungliot Tea "Thunderstorm", 2016 Darjeeling Second Flush is one of the high quality Darjeeling Tea which you often find people talking about. If you are interested in tasting a high quality Darjeeling Tea, this is not an option you should discard. Try and know yourself! A very well made tea in all aspect of it's characteristics. A tea that you won't regret buying!

Runglee Rungliot Tea 50 grams- Sorry, ALL SOLD!
Darjeeling Runglee Rungliot 100 grams- Sorry, ALL SOLD!
Runglee Rungliot Tea Garden 300 grams- Sorry, ALL SOLD!
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