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Namaste! and Welcome to the world of Darjeeling Tea Club, exclusively meant for Darjeeling Tea lovers. If you are a heavy Darjeeling Tea drinker and keeping the price factor in mind, it must be a distant dream for many tea connoisseurs to get the taste of premium Darjeeling Teas from various Darjeeling tea gardens, but by joining this tea club this impossible dream can be turned into reality. Darjeeling Tea ClubYou may call us the "Genie with a lamp" that brings you high quality Darjeeling teas right at your doorstep. You may wonder, "What is the catch?" Well! you have to pay for the lamp!! Jokes apart, Thunderbolt Tea will provide you DISCOUNTS on any of your purchases made through our site. The details of discounts are mentioned below under relevant membership programs. AN AIM TO MAKE DARJEELING TEA AFFORDABLE! Now offering 30% discount on membership for a limited time period - USE Coupon Code: "TCLUB2012" on signup.

Darjeeling Tea club membership programs The membership is based on a yearly basis.
Full year tea club membership Full year membership – US$ 59

Tea bonus gifts for full year membership Full Year Membership:
As soon as a member signs up for the membership, an account will be created and will be active. You will get a Discount on any of your Darjeeling Tea purchases (this also includes all other products that are for sale) - FLAT 20% DISCOUNT on all Darjeeling Teas: Darjeeling First Flush, Darjeeling Second Flush and Darjeeling Autumn Flush. Sometimes we bring out offers on our site when we reduce the price of Darjeeling teas, but not to worry, your discount will still be 20% flat on the reduced price - this means if we are offering 40% discount on our Darjeeling teas to non members, you are entitled to receive 60% - isn't that cool! And don't forget that Darjeeling Tea is one of the most expensive teas in the world and 20% discount is quite a huge one. So Sign up and get 20% discount on Darjeeling Teas throughout the year.

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