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Namaste! and Welcome to the world of Thunderbolt Tea – your ultimate choice for single estate rare and exotic loose Darjeeling Teas, operating from the very heart of Darjeeling town.

Thunderbolt Tea: Benoy at Margaret's Hope

Our Darjeeling Tea Company derives its name (Thunderbolt Tea) from the word Darjeeling or DORJE-LING, which is better known as "The Land of the Thunderbolt". DORJE-LING here postulates "the place of the Dorje or the majestic thunderbolt" In Sanskrit it means "Shiva of invisible prowess, who rules the Himalayas". Our Darjeeling Tea Company is so christened so that it bears more authentic resemblance to the indigenous place and its true tradition. Our directors and staff comprises of the local and native, who have undoubtedly developed an unyieldingly strong emotional bond to the undulating tea gardens and hence the whole Darjeeling Tea Industry. Therefore, apart from being a Darjeeling based and locally run company, it comprises of people who has experience of Tea handed by the forefathers from the first time the Britons planted their first tea seed in Darjeeling. In short "tea brews" are our daily way of life. Founded in the year 1999, it first traded locally only, but launched its site in the year 2004 with an aim to promote Darjeeling Tea directly from Darjeeling.

From the 87 Gardens (of which some are closed), we have chosen only the best Darjeeling Tea Plantations producing the best quality Darjeeling tea that the industry can offer. As the name suggests, Thunderbolt Tea deals with DARJEELING TEAS only and not any other tea - this enables specialization and acquisition of an in-depth knowledge of our home town product. We provide a wide range of exquisitely flavored muscatel Darjeeling black teas with a hint of almond and wildflower, organic Darjeeling Tea and single estate loose green Darjeeling Teas.

We have also been successful in tying up with some of the best tea gardens in Darjeeling and have been authorized to market and sale their teas in wholesale as well as retail. This proves that product authenticity is our first objective and clients complete satisfaction our primary concern. A large section of tea connoisseurs from various countries have embarked their trust on us, making it possible for us to build up considerably huge database of clients to whom we deliver Darjeelings.

ABOUT BENOY - Founder Thunderbolt Tea (A Darjeeling Tea Company)

Originally from Majhua Tea estate in the Kurseong region, his father along with the rest of the family members, moved to Darjeeling for broader business opportunities. His Great grandfather was a tea laborer in the tea garden and so was his grandfather. Being a great tea lover himself, he decided to venture into the tea business arena since that was the only thing that was passed on to him from generations and what he knew best.

He started in a small way by buying tea in small quantities from the gardens and selling it. Now it is a decade running and he says, "Tea is such a business where money does not play a pivotal role, its the inner love for tea which makes it possible." He further adds, "its a complicated business as far as I know, and without proper guidance and practical experience, it would be like a taxi driver trying to fly an airplane. But this does not mean 'impossible', its a business which develops with time and learning."

Official Thunderbolt Tea Blog
Benoy handles everything on the tea blog. You can check Benoy's updates on the official Thunderbolt Tea's Darjeeling Tea Blog for his everyday day events, tea opinions, etc and interact with him directly by posting comments. The tea blog also updates info on new arrivals of Darjeeling Tea every Darjeeling First Flush, Darjeeling Second Flush or Autumn Flush - also updates about availability of individual tea stocks in advance, so that Darjeeling Tea lovers can opt for them before they get sold out. Other updates such as Darjeeling tea stories follow from time to time with the inclusion of important news update concerning Darjeeling and its tea.

If you are still not convinced about us and want to delve more into all that we are, then Benoy has done an in-depth article on Thunderbolt Tea's blog as to "Why you should buy Darjeeling Tea from Thunderbolt Tea". Please do read if you can spare some of your precious time. Thanks!

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