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Darjeeling Tea Photos Darjeeling Tea Newsletters Visual Tour of Darjeeling Tea Gardens - Video clippings
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List of Darjeeling Tea gardens and estates over the plantation area of Seven Hills

List of Darjeeling gardens spread over the Seven Valleys of the Darjeeling Hills Tea Estate from Darjeeling
The history of Darjeeling gardens date back to 1847 when the then government decided to set our Darjeeling Tea nurseries for experimentation and growth. Slowly by 1852 Darjeeling started its first 3 commercial Darjeeling Tea plantations namely Tukvar, Steinthal and Aloobari. Gradually numerous Darjeeling Tea gardens cropped up and today there are 80+ tea estates in Darjeeling. Some have closed down, but 80+ remains. Darjeeling Tea estates spread over a region of Seven Valleys which cover almost all of the Darjeeling hills. A list of tea gardens is listed below according to the region they fall into.

Today Darjeeling Tea is one of the most sought after beverage. Most of the tea gardens are now trying to convert to organic farming of which many have already been tagged certified organic producing organic Darjeeling Tea. Each tea garden specializes in its particular grade of Darjeeling Tea like for instance Castleton Moonlight from Castleton Tea Garden, but this doesn't mean they don't produce classic Darjeeling tea varieties - they do which all depends on a particular Darjeeling Tea season or Darjeeling Flushes.

Darjeeling Tea Plantations spread over The Seven Valleys of Darjeeling Hills

Darjeeling (East) Darjeeling (West) Kurseong (North)
Arya Tea Estate, DarjeelingArya
Chongtong Tea Estate, DarjeelingChongtong (Sirisi)
Dhooteriah Tea Estate, DarjeelingDooteriah
Kalej Valley Tea Estate, DarjeelingKalej Valley
Liza Hill Tea Estate, DarjeelingLiza Hill
Lingia Tea Estate, DarjeelingLingia
Marybong Tea Estate, DarjeelingMarybong
Mim Tea Estate, DarjeelingMim
Orange Valley (Bloomfield Tea Estate) Tea Estate, DarjeelingOrange Valley
Pussimbing Tea Estate, DarjeelingPussimbing (Minzoo)
Risheehat Tea Estate, DarjeelingRisheehat
Rungmook/Cedars Tea Estate, DarjeelingRungmook/Cedars
Tumsong Tea Estate, DarjeelingTumsong
Badamtam Tea Estate, DarjeelingBadamtam
Bannockburn Tea Estate, DarjeelingBannockburn
Barnesbeg Tea Estate, DarjeelingBarnesbeg
Ging Tea Estate, DarjeelingGing
Happy Valley Tea Estate, DarjeelingHappy Valley
North Tukvar
Pandam Tea Estate, DarjeelingPandam
Phoobshering Tea Estate, DarjeelingPhoobshering
Puttabong Tea Estate, DarjeelingPuttabong
Rangaroon Tea Estate, DarjeelingRangaroon
Rungneet Tea Estate, DarjeelingRungneet
Singtom Tea Estate, DarjeelingSingtom
Soom Tea Estate, DarjeelingSoom
Steinthal Tea Estate, DarjeelingSteinthal
Ambootia Tea Garden, Kurseong, Dist. DarjeelingAmbootia
Balasun Tea Garden, Kurseong, Dist. DarjeelingBalasun
Eden Vale Tea Garden, Kurseong, Dist. DarjeelingEden Vale
Dilaram Tea Garden, Kurseong, Dist. DarjeelingDilaram
Margaret's Hope Tea Garden, Kurseong, Dist. DarjeelingMargaret's Hope
Moondakotee Tea Garden, Kurseong, Dist. DarjeelingMoondakotee
Oaks Tea Garden, Kurseong, Dist. DarjeelingOaks
Ringtong Tea Garden, Kurseong, Dist. DarjeelingRingtong
Singell Tea Garden, Kurseong, Dist. DarjeelingSingell
Springside Tea Garden, Kurseong, Dist. DarjeelingSpringside
Kurseong (South) Mirik Rungbong
Castleton Tea Garden, Kurseong, Dist. DarjeelingCastleton
Giddapahar Tea Garden, Kurseong, Dist. DarjeelingGiddapahar
Goomtee Tea Garden, Kurseong, Dist. DarjeelingGoomtee
Jogmaya Tea Garden, Kurseong, Dist. DarjeelingJogmaya
Jungpana Tea Garden, Kurseong, Dist. DarjeelingJungpana
Longview (High Lands) Tea Garden, Kurseong, Dist. DarjeelingLongview (High Lands)
Mahalderam Tea Garden, Kurseong, Dist. DarjeelingMahalderam
Makaibari Tea Garden, Kurseong, Dist. DarjeelingMakaibari
Mohan Majhua Tea Garden, Kurseong, Dist. DarjeelingMohan Majhua
Monteviot Tea Garden, Kurseong, Dist. DarjeelingMonteviot
Mullootar Tea Garden, Kurseong, Dist. DarjeelingMullootar
Narbada Majhua Tea Garden, Kurseong, Dist. DarjeelingNarbada Majhua
Nurbong Tea Garden, Kurseong, Dist. DarjeelingNurbong
Rohini Tea Garden, Kurseong, Dist. DarjeelingRohini
Selim Hill Tea Garden, Kurseong, Dist. DarjeelingSelim Hill
Seepoydhura Tea Garden, Kurseong, Dist. DarjeelingSeepoydhura (Chamling)
Sivitar Tea Garden, Kurseong, Dist. DarjeelingSivitar
Tindharia Tea Garden, Kurseong, Dist. DarjeelingTindharia
Gopaldhara Tea Estate, Mirik, Dist. DarjeelingGopaldhara
Ghayabaree and millikthong Tea Estate, Mirik, Dist. DarjeelingGayabaree & Millikthong
Okayti Tea Estate, Mirik, Dist. DarjeelingOkayti
Phuguri Tea Estate, Mirik, Dist. DarjeelingPhuguri
Seeyok Tea Estate, Mirik, Dist. DarjeelingSeeyok (Spring Valley)
Singbulli Tea Estate, Mirik, Dist. DarjeelingSingbulli
Soureni Tea Estate, Mirik, Dist. DarjeelingSoureni
Thurbo Tea Estate, Mirik, Dist. DarjeelingThurbo
Avongrove Tea Garden, Rungbong, Dist. DarjeelingAvongrove
Chamong Tea Garden, Rungbong, Dist. DarjeelingChamong
Dhajea Tea Garden, Rungbong, Dist. DarjeelingDhajea
Nagri Tea Garden, Rungbong, Dist. DarjeelingNagri
Nagri Farm Tea Garden, Rungbong, Dist. DarjeelingNagri Farm
Selimbong Tea Garden, Rungbong, Dist. DarjeelingSelimbong (Rongbong)
Sungma Tea Estate, Rungbong, Dist. DarjeelingSungma
Turzum Tea Garden, Rungbong, Dist. DarjeelingTurzum
Turzum First Flush
Turzum Second Flush
Teesta Valley Tea Garden, Rungbong, Dist. DarjeelingTeesta Valley
Tukdah Tea Garden, Rungbong, Dist. DarjeelingTakdha (Tukdah)
Upper Fagu Tea Garden, Rungbong, Dist. DarjeelingUpper Fagu
Ambiok (Hillton) Tea Garden, Teesta, Dist. DarjeelingAmbiok (Hillton)
Gielle Tea Garden, Teesta, Dist. DarjeelingGielle
Glenburn Tea Garden, Teesta, Dist. DarjeelingGlenburn
Kumai (Snow View) Tea Garden, Teesta, Dist. DarjeelingKumai (Snow View)
Lopchu Peshok Tea Garden, Teesta, Dist. DarjeelingLopchu
Namring and upper Namring Tea Garden, Teesta, Dist. DarjeelingNamring & Upper Namring
Runglee Rungliot Tea Garden, Teesta, Dist. DarjeelingRunglee Rungliot
Samebeong Tea Garden, Teesta, Dist. DarjeelingSamebeong
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