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Darjeeling Tea Photos Darjeeling Tea Newsletters Visual Tour of Darjeeling Tea Gardens - Video clippings
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White Pearl tea from Margaret's Hope Tea Garden
Margaret's Hope White Pearls Enlarge Photo
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Margaret's Hope Tea Garden has always stood by its quality production and this time, an excellent and rare Darjeeling Tea was produced, namely "White Pearls" which resembles the shape of a pearl. The tea is made from "two leaves and a bud" only and is purely whitish in appearance. They have just made about 10 kgs for this year and we were the ones to procure it first.

According to Mr. Sagar Rawat, Factory Assistant Manager, the leaves have been plucked on "Full Moon Buds Day" as per agricultural calendar. It has been plucked from special clone at about 5000 feet above sea level. It was plucked on 4 day rounds with special care so that tea handling was minimized to 5-10 workers only.

All we can say is that its a rare tea. Maybe next year the garden will increase its quantity of production of white pearls, but for this year, its limited to just 10 kgs. So grab your share now!
50 grams of Margaret's Hope tea - white pearls- US$ 27.75 ALL SOLD!
Thurbo White Tea from Thurbo tea estate, Darjeeling
Darjeeling White Tea Enlarge Photo
Darjeeling White Tea 2006 from Thurbo Tea Garden Liquor & Infused Leaves
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Owned by the Goodricke Group, Thurbo Tea Garden produces one of the best Darjeelings. The name of the garden owes its origin to a historic event when the British set up their camp at the estate to invade Nepal. The word 'Camp' is referred to as "Tombu" in Nepali language and this particular Nepalese word may have developed into 'Thurbo' later.

A remarkable Darjeeling white tea from Thurbo. An impressive appearance with lustre that is visible. Prominent branching of two leaf and a bud can be seen. The dry leaves are aromatic and fresh, some bold along with shiny buds resembling 'silver needles'. Produces aromatic, light and translucent liquor with a sweet flavor reminiscent of a mixed fruit's taste. Has to be brewed a little longer in comparison to black teas - about 6-7 minutes. Try also tasting it after the cup has become lukewarm. A quality tea from Thurbo which is made in a lesser quantity when compared with its black tea production.
Thurbo Darjeeling White Tea 2006- US$ 19.95 ALL SOLD!
Thurbo Tea Garden - Oolong tea
Thurbo Darjeeling Oolong Enlarge Photo
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Thurbo Tea Garden has always stood by its standard production of speciality teas and this is a rare one. It has always produced quality Darjeeling First Flush, Darjeeling Second Flush and Autumn Darjeeling teas and there is no doubt about it. This oolong is rare and available in very limited quantity. Have you heard of Thurbo Oolong tea ever? Well here you are, savour the rare!

An exceptional grade which is rarely produced by the garden - we got our hands on some of it. Although the garden didn't want to sell because of the new style for Darjeeling tea, we requested and requested and finally succeeded. The dry leaf is full size like the white tea. The dry leaf attributes to lemony notes mixed with camellia fragrance. As soon as the liqor is sipped, it lends a very sweet character. The other taste the liqor imparts is slightly orangy. Has got a mild astringent cup. If you have been having other oolongs, this one will definitely create a class of its own. Try and find the difference yourself.
Order 2nd Flush Thurbo tea- US$ 9.95 ALL SOLD!
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