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Darjeeling Tea Photos Darjeeling Tea Newsletters Visual Tour of Darjeeling Tea Gardens - Video clippings
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Darjeeling Tea GiftsGifts have always been a bracing experience for everyone and what better gift to give than a healthy Darjeeling Tea gift which is soothing and stimulating. Let your loved ones know that you care through the gift you send. Let your family and friends have an experience of the "Gift of the Magi", a gift truly sent from the heart.

Thunderbolt Tea has come up with a totally new concept of sending Darjeeling tea gifts in Kashmiri Papier Machie boxes. Each papier machie box is exclusively hand-painted, depicting Indian folklore of Rajas and Maharajas in ancient India. Delivery of tea gifts can be done anywhere in the world. All teas sent as gifts are premium Darjeelings Tea.

Delivery of gifts will be done within 7 days time through International expedited courier services such as Fedex or equivalent. An Airway Bill No. will be provided for you to track your gift parcel(s) through the carrier's official website.

If you are thinking of sending only teas then you can check out our extensive range of Darjeeling Tea, please click the appropriate link below which is categorized seasonally:
1) First Flush Darjeeling Tea
2) Second Flush Darjeeling Tea
3) Autumn Flush Darjeeling Tea

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