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Darjeeling Tea recipies according to Darjeeling Planter's Association (DPA) Tea recipies
Darjeeling tea can be prepared in its many versatile procedures. The flexibility of the Darjeeling Tea recipe is countless; you can add ice or spice; cream to make it succulent like a dream, you can punch it or even chew on it!! Amazing isn’t it? You can win friends over a cup of tea and not to forget, its also a remarkable health beverage.
Tea recipe for fresh Darjeeling tea Garden Fresh Darjeeling Tea Recipe
  Boil fresh tap water. Do not underboil or overboil it. Filtered water is recommended.
  Use some hot water to rinse the teapot.
  Use one teaspoon of tea leaves for each cup into the teapot. One extra for the teapot.
  To avoid heat loss, immediately pour boiling water into teapot and cover with a lid to brew for 3-5 minutes.
  Use a tea strainer to pour the tea into the desired number of tea cups.
  Add milk/sugar to taste. Darjeeling tea is best without milk, but some prefer milk with tea and especially when tasting Autumn flush.
Tea Recipe for iced tea Darjeeling Iced Tea Recipe
  Boil fresh tap water. Do not underboil or overboil it. Filtered water is recommended.
  In order to get a strong brew, put two teaspoon of tea leaves for each person.
  Pour boiling water into teapot and cover with a lid to brew for 5 minutes.
  Fill three-fourths of a large glass tumbler with ice cubes.
  Pour tea from the tea pot with the help of a strainer.
  Add sliced lemon and sugar to taste, but avoid adding milk.
  Use a straw or imbibe straight after cooling for 5 minutes.
Tea recipe for spiced afternoon tea Spiced Afternoon Tea Recipe
  Ingredients needed: 4 pint water, 4 oz sugar, ½ level teaspoon whole cloves, ½ a stick cinnamon, 1 oz tea, ¼ pint of orange or any other squash according to taste, juice of two squeezed lemons and cinnamon sticks to serve.
  Preparation: Boil fresh water and add all the spices. Add the tea leaves and allow it to brew for about 5-6 min depending on desire. While continuously stirring, add the sugar and the fruit juices so that the liquor completely blends with the juice and the spices. Serve with Cinnamon sticks. If necessity arises to reheat, place over a low heat. Do not allow it to simmer or boil.
Fresh fruit cup tea recipe Fresh Fruit Cup Recipe
  Ingredients needed: 2 pint water, 4 oz sugar, ¼ pint lemon juice, ¼ fruit syrup (eg. rose), ¼ pineapple squash, ¼ orange squash, ¼ strong strained fresh tea, 1 small bottle of lemonade, 12 fresh or canned cherries, 2 bannanas and sliced ice.
  Preparation: Boil ¼ pint water after adding the 4 oz sugar for 5-6 minutes. Add rest of the water along with the cooled tea, fruit syrup and the fruit squashed. Add all the other ingredients when ready to serve. Can be served to 12 people.
Tea Recipe for tea punch Tea Punch Recipe
  Ingredients needed: ½ pint stongly brewed Darjeeling Tea, 6 oz sugar, 1 large bottle lemonade, 2 small bottles of ginger ale, 4 teaspoon of lemon juice, ½ pint orange squash and 1 sliced orange.
  Preparation: Put the hot, and the strongly brewed tea in a container preferably a bowl, stir after adding the sugar ensuring that it has completely dissolved. Add the lemon juice and orange squash and strain. Chill for about 10 minutes. Add the mixture of lemonade, ginger ale and orange slices. Can be served to 12 people.
Ice cream tea recipe Darjeeling Tea Ice-cream Recipe
  Ingredients for preparing 2 lbs. of tea ice-cream: 2 oz dry loose Darjeeling tea with quality flavor, 1 lb of refined powder sugar, 2 lb of fresh milk, 1 oz corn-flour or arrowroot powder and 10 oz water.
  Preparation step 1:Heat the water until the boiling point. Remove from the flame. Put in the tea leaves in the tea pot after rinsing the utensil with hot water. Pour the boiled water in the teapot. Leave it aside for 8-9 min. Use a strainer to allow only the clear liquid to pour through. Keep aside.

Preparation step 2: Boil the milk and add the sugar with the arrowroot or the corn-flour after blending it thoroughly to avoid any lumps. Allow the mixture to simmer for 10 minutes. Remove the heat, add the infused tea, stir well and freeze for 5-15 minutes depending upon ones desire for consistency.

Tea jelly recipe using Darjeeling tea Tea Jelly Recipe
  Ingredients needed: ¾ pint freshly brewed tea, 1 packet lemon jelly, 2 lemons and whipped cream for garnish.
  Preparation: The lemon skin should be grated finely. Place the jelly in the measurement of 1 pint freshly brewed tea. Stir continuously until it dissolves and then let it cool. Stir in finely grated lemon after the jelly slightly thickens. Pour into an individual moulds preferably a 1 pint wetted mould. Garnish with cream.
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