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Namaste and Welcome to Thunderbolt Tea! Thank you for visiting our Darjeeling Tea shop online for exclusive and rare varieties of Darjeeling Teas! We sell 100% highest quality Darjeeling Tea bought directly from the Darjeeling Tea plantations. Our tea shop enables you to purchase authentic and premium Darjeeling Teas at affordable rates. We are based in proper Darjeeling town and ship all your teas from Darjeeling itself. Our rates are the lowest pertaining to the top quality of tea we sell because we don't have to import teas or buy from a distributor or a wholesaler. We buy direct.

Darjeeling Tea is our hometown product and through these 17+ years of experience and trading, we have gained in-depth knowledge of the teas we sell you. We never settle for a lesser quality tea, but would always want to get our hands on something special and rare. Being a Darjeeling based tea shop, the various routes a tea has to traverse gets a minimum number as it directly comes to us from the tea gardens. Hence it cuts the cost of vendor upon vendor profit margins that you have to eventually bear. We don't sell brokens and fannings grade, but only the highest quality Darjeeling Tea the industry has to offer. If you are not convinced, we have laid out 6 Good Reasons to buy Darjeeling Tea from Thunderbolt Tea

Darjeeling Teas are seasonal and hence are grown and manufactured during these specific seasons which numbers into four - First Flush, Second Flush, Monsoon Flush and Autumn Flush. We however do not sell Monsoon Darjeeling Teas as its the lowest in quality which are normally used for blends. Below you will find links to our appropriate sections.

Find our High quality seasonal Darjeeling Teas below:

  1. Darjeeling First Flush 2016
  2. Darjeeling Second Flush
  3. Autumn Flush Darjeeling Tea

Free Tea Shipping: We ship all teas from proper Darjeeling town through Darjeeling's Head Post Office in case of tea parcels that has to be sent by Air Parcel and EMS Post. All tea deliveries are FREE anywhere in the world provided that it has a purchase value. We also ship by expedited services if you are in a hurry through mediums such as Fedex, UPS, etc. More on tea Shipping

Please click the appropriate links above categorized as First Flush, Second Flush and Autumn Flush to go to appropriate page(s). Once again, Thank you for visiting us! We are much honored! We hope your experience with us will be a memorable one. And don't worry, we choose only the best Darjeeling Tea the season has to offer. You will be getting exclusive varieties beyond your imagination. Cheers!

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